Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Heresy-Era Salamanders: COMPLETE!

Yup. Upon writing this, it's 2am, Central time, and I'm staring at a field of green. With a spot or two of red and blue, of course. And no, this isn't some rule April Fools joke I'm Playing on myself thank God. They really are done!

They are based and ready to be packed away for an amazing weekend full of friends I don't see enough of, and two intense days of gaming with three of my closest friends in the team tournament at Adepticon,

I knew if I went to bed without snapping some quick pictures and tapping this out, I'd never do it tomorrow night, and I did promise photos of the finished models before I left!
This time I'll hide the boring stuff like the drop pod and the Thunderfire cannon in the middle of it all. Though to be honest, I'm pretty stoked about how the Thunderfire and gunner turned out! Again, keep in mind these were shot with my iPhone, so color variance and like crap abound in these. I can't wait to get my photo cube set up after Adepticon and get some real shots taken.

Enough talking. I'm tired and will only end up rambling at this hour. On to the pictures!

I promise the Rhino isn't that shade of green...man I hate taking pictures late at night with crap lighting...

Are there things I would change had I the time to? Of course there are. However, I am not ashamed to field these and can't want to get games in with them. Will I go back and revisit some of these details? Of course I will. But not before I take a break...it's not easy painting green.

...okay, it's really not hard painting green, but I couldn't pass up the Muppets reference.

- Tim


  1. HAHA! You nailed those so wonderfully. Get some rest and have some fun with a set of really nicely painted models! This was pretty damn inspiring to watch :) You seem to do well under pressure - have you considered helping out with the NOVA Open raffle armies this year? They still need artists...

  2. Beautiful Army. Love the contemptor and terminators. They are definitely my fav...but it's incredible how much time is put into these models. Even your scouts are incredible!

  3. Cracking result Tim. You've done really well considering your time restraints. Hope the event offers up a win or some and your army wow's your opponents appropriately!

  4. Awesome and great looking army. They fit perfectly together. Have fun at Adepticon and a good time. Would love to hear how your army performed.

  5. Great stuff Tim. The Libby, Tech and Dread look fantastic. The whole army has a great cohesive look. Cracking stuff and best of luck on the field of battle.

  6. Right on! Absolutely love 'em, man - tremendous work!

  7. great looking army, have fun at adepticon!