Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Road to Being a Healthier Gamer: June Update!

What's the subtitle for this month's update?  Probably something along the lines of "When you're in it for the long haul…"

…though to be honest, it should be more along the lines of a sound born of frustration, want to revert to bad habits and lack of immediate gratification…

Maybe I'll just  stick with "When You're in it for the Long Haul".

Hey, I said I was going to be honest, right?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Infinity: USAriadna Teaser Speculations

One of the most anticipated upcoming releases is the U.S. Sectorial for Ariadna (USAr).  I wouldn't doubt that once released, we could potentially run entire tournaments where a restriction is in place that you have to use the USAr Sectorial and be perfectly fine.  It really is that looked forward to across the hobby base for Infinity.

True to form leading up to GenCon, Corvus Belli is teasing images once again.  One of the latest actually having "Independence Day" on it, so perhaps it will be revealed on July 4th, with a GenCon release?  Who knows.  What we do know is that the community is hungry for this and our cries are being answered. 

What I'd like to do now is dive into the latest teaser image and see what may be included in the initial roll-out for this faction.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Penitent Crusade Assault Marines

A long time ago, in a  galaxy far, far away…

Well okay, maybe not that long ago, but it certainly feels like it!  Games Day 2006, to be exact.  This was my first ever official tournament, and I wanted to really push the envelope.  It took me about 6 months, but I ended up creating a Black Templar force that I christened the "Penitent Crusade".

This was my first real foray into converting and sculpting, and I dove in head-first. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

And the Winner is...

I wanted to tell everyone thank you for all the love, compliments and well wishes on the blog's birthday...blog-iversary...whatever it was, Thank you!!

I also wanted to say a special thanks to those of you who identified yourselves as long-time followers of the blog, even though you didn't "follow" the blog.  It's always great to know that I'm reaching, entertaining and retaining readers with my ramblings.

No, I won't make you click through to find out who won.  That's just begging for clicks, right?  Anywho, and without further ado, the winner is...


Which I find HILARIOUS considering the vast majority of the prize box is NOT 40K.  My son kept asking me why I was laughing when he picked the name out of the hat.

KS, contact me vial email (in the profile to the left) and shoot me your acceptance, as well your address within one week of this post to claim your prize. 

Keep reading folks, and I'll keep posting.  I'll be continuing the Throw Back Thursdays posts since yesterday's went so well, and I've got a lot planned for the
blog's 5th year.  I'm also happy to continue the Community Topics series, so if you have a topic request, drop it in the comments!

Thanks again everyone!

- Tim

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Centurions Chaplain Dreadnought

As a nod to a certain KrautScientist, I promised a while ago that I would showcase my Centurions Marine DIY Chapter on the blog, as I really haven't ever done so.  Why I really don't know, as it was the most involved I've ever gotten into an army project.

…of course, I still haven't done it. 

That said, I have decided that I'm going to start a new series in the blog with the ever-popular social media tag of "Throwback Thursdays".  This week, we're going to visit a Chaplain Dreadnought I converted specifically for my Centurions Marines.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Only 2 Days Left to Register for the Giveaway!

Friendly reminder for everyone interested, pop back a couple posts, or CLICK HERE, and register for my 4th Blog Birthday Giveaway. The current prize box contains everything in the picture! If we hit 300 followers, I'll add in a secondary raffle for signed, limited edition Black Library art prints!

- Tim


Monday, June 1, 2015

The Road to Being a Healthier Gamer: May Update!

So it looks like I've unintentionally started a trend when it comes to these updates in giving them all some form of subtitle. I think this month's will be something along the lines of "Tackling the Plateaus of Fitness and Hobby Alike".

Trust me, it's a lot better than my first thought of "The scale said WHAT?! Nope, try again...Nope, try again...Nope, try again...#%$&!"