Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Engineer on Mechanical Pegasus, WiP 1

Yes, yes...I know I should be getting the Grey Knights painted and done, but I just can't leave this project alone.  I'll be using this figure as a break in the monotony of painting that army, so I want to get the major converting done on him early.

Besides, a package arrived in the mail for me late last week, and I just can't leave the project alone until I get to play with a new-found hobby resource.  In the comments of the concepting post for this project, Fiend Without A Face pointed me in the direction of Hasslefree Miniatures in the UK as a source for steampunk parts...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Point of All This

So I wore my Miniature Tim T-shirt to work the other day, and got asked quite a few questions about it.  What is Miniature Tim?  What kind of hobby is it?  Is it fun?  Is it expensive?  Do you really play with little army men…etc.

However the question that stood out the most came later in the day when a coworker came over and said, "So I read a few of your blog posts, and I like them and all…but what's the point of it?  Why do you do it?"

And you know, It took me a minute to answer him.  Not because I didn't know why, but because the reason has evolved over the past 7-8 months.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project Concepting: Engineer on Mechanical Pegasus

And so begins a new series in the blog, showcasing just how I get ideas from my head, into reality.  I thought it would be interesting to show the concept-to-completion process with my projects this year.

I don't play Empire…heck I barely have played two games of Warhammer Fantasy in my life, for that matter.  In fact, I am only just now gathering concepts for my Ogres forces that I'd like to play, for next year!  However, with all that said, I have always loved the Empire Engineer on Mechanical Mount figure.  Through some outside inspirations, and the fact that I was able to get the model for cheap, I've decided to make this one of my competition pieces this year.

"But wait, Tim,  that's a Mechanical Horse he's riding, not a Pegasus…"

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grey Knights Display Board - In Progress

If you've read my reasonings for bringing Grey Knights to Adepticon this year, you know that chief among them is the portability of the army.  Small, elite force that is so few models, it actually scares me at times.  I've never played a force that numbers this few.

So when you have a small force, do you really need a Display Board for it?  Yes, yes you do.  But it still must fit my criteria for maximum portability!

So what's my solution?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's in Store for 2012?

Happy New Ye ... Crap.  I'm a little late on that, aren't I?  Oh well.

Normally this is the time of year that folks are speaking of resolutions...vowing to to more of 'X', or less of 'Y'.  In the hobby world, that tends to mean we like to vow that we're going to get that long-sought after and dreamt-of project done, no matter the cost.  Personally, I think that's the worst thing we can do to ourselves and the longevity of our hobby.  I wrote and article on how to avoid hobby burn-out, check it out and see what I mean.

So, what do I do, if I don't make hobby resolutions?