Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Engineer on Mechanical Pegasus, WiP 1

Yes, yes...I know I should be getting the Grey Knights painted and done, but I just can't leave this project alone.  I'll be using this figure as a break in the monotony of painting that army, so I want to get the major converting done on him early.

Besides, a package arrived in the mail for me late last week, and I just can't leave the project alone until I get to play with a new-found hobby resource.  In the comments of the concepting post for this project, Fiend Without A Face pointed me in the direction of Hasslefree Miniatures in the UK as a source for steampunk parts...

Unfortunately shipping the watch parts, or steampunk parts as they classify them, that they sell in different increments from the UK would be a bit pricy for me.  I will say though, that they have an excellent selection of miniatures and modeling supplies.  Gee, yet another UK company I'd love to order from on a regular basis, go figure. 

After a brief lament and reconsideration towards buying a few real cheap watches to break apart, I had the brilliant idea to google 'steampunk parts', and see what came up.  Yeah, I used my brain, go me.  Immediately, a bunch of links from Etsy popped up and I decided to browse their selection.  Here's what I ended up buying...

Yup, 10g of random watch parts!  This is a happy, happy Miniature Tim.  This will not be the only source of gears and cogs for this project though.  For the more robust and 'weight bearing' gears, I'll be using Dragon Forge's Gears Set from their Conversion Parts.  This is a nice, solid and thicker set of gears that come in 5 different sizes.  I'll be able to cut them in half if needed, and even drill through the smaller ones to be able to slide my brass rod wing supports through.

Yes, this does indeed mean that I've made some progress on this project.  I've done my shopping, and taken care of everything on my previous list of needs.  Last night I sat down with the figure and began plotting out the connection points and main armature for the wings.  I'd love to say that I could show you some pictures, but then I realized that if I didn't clean the figure up, and take my time doing it right, it wouldn't get done right.  I'd get caught up in the heat of the moment and dig into the modeling to make some serious headway...that I would then have to carefully take apart to clean flash, mold lines and fill gaps.  

Yeah...cause that would be fun.

So instead, I took my time to clean this mess of a metal figure properly.  Next I'll fill the gaps with some liquid green stuff, and begin piecing the rider together.  The wings will come after that, followed by the base.

I'm excited to push myself with this project not only in terms of conversions and construction, but in terms of painting as well.  I've got to take my time and do this right, though, or it won't be worth doing at all.

- Tim


  1. Oh man, this is going to be an awesome conversion! I really can't wait to see it under way!

  2. Ooh, good call on the steampunk parts find! Once I finish up the Thousand Sons, I'm planning on diving back in to a new Ad-Mech army and a big ol' bag of gears and whatnot will undoubtedly come in handy! Looking forward to seeing the pegasus take shape!

  3. OST - After cleaning up the metal on the figure last night, I had some doubts as to the success of this conversion. Of course, that could have been the result of blood I spilled on it after slicing my thumb open with the hobby blade too. Seriously though, thanks for the confidence, my friend :)

    Mordian - Hey, all credit on that find goes to Fiend Without A Face. hwen I couldn't buy from the company I wanted to for shipping reasons, I just found another. Without his suggestion in the first place, I wouldn't have even thought to google it. Glad you're liking it so far :)

  4. really looking forward to this conversion Tim.
    one suggestion I've been meaning to make - consider ABS plastic sheet instead of white styrene plasticard for the wings/feathers/thingys. its significantly stronger, IMO easier to file to shape and if you ever plan to game with this model - much more durable.
    if its purely a competition/for-the-love-of-painting piece (which I'd fully endorse), plasticard is less of an issue, but now that I've tried both, I rarely go back to the styrene.

    1. Hey Chris!

      Been meaning to respond for a few days... ugh, work is BUSY right now! I'll have to check out the ABS plastic sheeting. That's a material I haven't delved into much at all yet. I was planning on the styrene strictly for the ability to get strips of it, already nicely cut straight that I can alter from there for the feathers.

      I will admit this is going to be strictly a competition/for the love of painting figure though. While Empire interests me from a story stand-point, I've got an Ogre army waiting for me ;)

      I'm definitely going to have to research the ABS sheeting though. You've got me intrigued!