Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grey Knights Display Board - In Progress

If you've read my reasonings for bringing Grey Knights to Adepticon this year, you know that chief among them is the portability of the army.  Small, elite force that is so few models, it actually scares me at times.  I've never played a force that numbers this few.

So when you have a small force, do you really need a Display Board for it?  Yes, yes you do.  But it still must fit my criteria for maximum portability!

So what's my solution?

Enter Battlefoam's X-Board, travel display board.  After pricing out the raw materials that I like to use for display board (I really need to do an article or two on that topic in general), the cost comes out to be about a wash between building my own, and this product.  Considering I was buying the PACK GO from them anyway a while back, I went ahead and tacked this on to share shipping and try and get a leg up on the construction process.

The X-Board does it's job very well.  It's light, breaks down easily and is really solid once put together.  I don't care too much for the travel bag that comes with it as it feels cheap, and has no carry strap, but for the price point, I'd rather them cut costs on the bag rather than the display board.  I also have a wife who is handy with a sewing machine and said she'd put a strap on for me.  That helps.

Knowing me, I can't just paint and flock it, throw on some static grass and be done, right?  Right.  So now I need to dress this up, without taking away the portability.  That means no height.   Okay fine, I can get around that by adding detail to the board itself.  What details to use?  Well, my Grey Knights are based in a sort of urban rubble scenario, so I'll use that! Grab some old Cities of Death terrain bits I've got floating around and start the arranging!

Above is the unprimed result.  Some broken pipe work, cork to add a few more small height and CoD broken and fallen walkways.  Some mixed ballast to vary the text just that much more and viola!  Portable display base!  I know the ballast looks a bit patchy, but once it's primed, it will reunify into a much more cohesive design.  It'll also be helped by the models once they are placed on it.

This is a pretty down-and-dirty display board for me.  I can' twit to put more work into a more scenic, and story-rich board for my Ogres and Salamanders, and Tau!!

What are you toting your models around on?

- Tim


  1. I really need to start making these for my armies. They're damn cool and make it easier to tote them around at events...

    Looking forward to seeing this one painted

  2. deathkorps... yes, yes you do! They honestly don't take that much work. Well, they can, but it all depends on the level of complexity you want.

    I really need to do an article on Display Boards in general, don't I...

  3. We should get some games in to make sure your list is up to snuff. Also, Ogre Games is hosting some 1850 tournaments to help people get ready for the big show in April.