Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Michigan GT by Dark Future Games!!

I've threatened to take a weekend away and head up to Lansing, Michigan for a while now. Reason being is the boys of Dark Future Games area solid crew of gamers and hobbyists after my own heart, and I'd love the chance to hang out with them outside of the Adepticon event once a year,

Looks like we all get our chance to do this! Enter, the first ever Michigan GT!

Check out the post at DFG here: MIGT: Michigan GT Sept 28-29; Everything You Need to Know!

And the main site here: Michigan GT

They are putting a ton of work and effort to make this an amazing first time event, and I only see growth and bigger events to come. Go check them out and give em some love folks, it's events like these that strengthen the community as a whole!

- Tim

Monday, August 26, 2013

This is a Hobby, not a Job

Now, I'm the first person who will admit that a firm deadline is a wonderful motivator. In fact, I've used many deadlines in the past to get projects not only off the ground, but finished on time and ready for a tournament. I'm happy with what I've turned out because of said deadlines, and will continue to set deadlines for myself in the future.

Unfortunately, many times in the past I've come to dread those deadlines. Seeing my hobby as more of a harsh commitment than something that I'm supposed to enjoy. Is there a line we can draw? How do we know where to draw that line?

How do we keep our hobby from turning into a second job?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Space Marine Models and Codex: Image Compilation!

I've been warring with myself back and forth now on whether to post these or not. I write a hobby-centric blog, not a rumor and news-centric one. However, I am rumor and news hungry, an avid Marine player and currently planning my last power-armor army in the Salamanders.

I can't take it any longer!!

I've compiled all the current new release images I can find. I give all credit to the boards and blogs that have already posted these that I've mined the image from: DakkaDakka, Apocolypse40k, BoLS, links from Faeit and more.

Check out all the eye candy, both good and bad, and let the comments fly!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Inq28: The Finished Inquisitor and Retinue

Holy crap on a pogo stick, has it really been a week and a half since Games Day? Getting my boy ready for his first day of Kindergarten, work and some extensive hobby studio organization (a post on that later) has made time fly by! My apologies to all for the delay in getting these final photos of the finished product taken, up and online.

While I already mentioned I didn't make it off the table, I'm okay with that. I'm happy with what I accomplished in six...yes six...days. And even better yet, I was able to connect with some friends, who also happen to paint so much better than I, who were extremely helpful in critiquing my entry. These guys truly gave me some serious insight on what I could have done better, and even how to improve the entry for perhaps a reappearance in Crystal Brush next year. I cannot thank them enough.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; do not hesitate to ask a fellow painter for advice, no matter how well known they are. Every single painter I have ever asked for advice and constructive criticism has been beyond courteous, helpful and become someone I look forward to seeing each time we all get together.

On to the pictures!