Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Michigan GT by Dark Future Games!!

I've threatened to take a weekend away and head up to Lansing, Michigan for a while now. Reason being is the boys of Dark Future Games area solid crew of gamers and hobbyists after my own heart, and I'd love the chance to hang out with them outside of the Adepticon event once a year,

Looks like we all get our chance to do this! Enter, the first ever Michigan GT!

Check out the post at DFG here: MIGT: Michigan GT Sept 28-29; Everything You Need to Know!

And the main site here: Michigan GT

They are putting a ton of work and effort to make this an amazing first time event, and I only see growth and bigger events to come. Go check them out and give em some love folks, it's events like these that strengthen the community as a whole!

- Tim

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