Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Space Marine Models and Codex: Image Compilation!

I've been warring with myself back and forth now on whether to post these or not. I write a hobby-centric blog, not a rumor and news-centric one. However, I am rumor and news hungry, an avid Marine player and currently planning my last power-armor army in the Salamanders.

I can't take it any longer!!

I've compiled all the current new release images I can find. I give all credit to the boards and blogs that have already posted these that I've mined the image from: DakkaDakka, Apocolypse40k, BoLS, links from Faeit and more.

Check out all the eye candy, both good and bad, and let the comments fly!

New Plastic Vanguard:

New Plastic Sternguard:

New Tactical Marines:


New Rear Shot of Centurions


New HQ Models:

Now that the cat's out of the bag with me on this, I'll be updating you on any further releases I find. Don't get used to this from me, I just can't help myself this time.

- Tim



  1. I like it all. EXECPT for the centurions AKA Derpy Marines. They need to stop sniffing glue in the design studio ;)

    1. I agree. Termies weren't enough? Now we need bigger and bulkier marines? Too much glue for sure.

  2. Marines look like.... Marines. Changes to the previous Tac boxed set are so miniscule... those aren't all that inspiring to say the least.
    Centurions are laughably juvenile.
    New characters are okay, though how the Captain will be able to turn his head with that crest is anyone's guess.
    Sternguard are where it's at for me. Nice simple dynamic poses and obviously vet's via their sculpts, good stuff.

  3. Sternguard are fantastic. Vanguard have some nice bits to them.

    Guess what, Timmy? I may skip Eldar and work straight on my Void Knights if the rumors about Black Templars being in the main book are true (I actually hope they are... with a nice supplement in a month or so to flesh them out in more detail).

    Devastator Centurions don't look horrible. The Assault ones I have a hard thinking of what they could damage. They look so slow and cumbersome that I think a tank could drive out of the way before they swung the drill (and seriously... a drill? since when is that a combat weapon?)

    1. As a quick note,'s all but confirmed. BTs are indeed in the book

  4. In general opinion, I like every single release.

    While the changes to the tac squad are overtly noticeable, the inclusion of the new weapons, the revised missile launcher and backpack, and some additional marks of armor pieces in there help it out I think. The Sternguard and Vanguard knock it out the the park for me, and I love the new tank.

    Did I hate the Centurions on first look? Heck yes I did. However, seeing the cropped image of the back of the figures are beginning to sway my opinion of them. The bottom line is that I want more detailed pictures of them, some Green Stuff and a Hobby Knife. I'll make em look better, or slice my thumbs up trying!

  5. To my own surprise... I'm not stimulated by these images. There was a time when I REALLY wanted marines and seeing them all lined up and looking cool in power armor got me all excited for 40K. Now... My overall excitement for the hobby is being drained by other things anyway, but I thought maybe I'd have trouble resisting the marine surge. Guess not (which is actually a relief).