Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Games Day Image Dump 2: Armies on Parade and More

Originally I was only going to do one Image Dump for Games Day this year...until I realized how many pictures I took. That's when I decided to separate the Golden Demon entries from the rest of it all so I could do everything a bit more justice.

This time around will be Armies on Parade, and then some miscellaneous shots of Forge World upcoming releases and Lizardmen sculpts. Watching Armies on Parade unfold, I do believe that next year I'll be entering the local AoP competition to try and make it into the Games Day event. Of course, I'll also attempt a couple or five Golden Demon entries as well, but I've come up with a new philosophy on those that I'll share at a later date.

On with the pictures, part two!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Games Day 2013 Image Dump 1: Golden Demon

Games Day this year was a whirlwind of activity. Not only was it busy, but it was the shortest Games Day I've every attended, having ended by 5pm! I had a blast seeing old friends that I only get to see but once a year, connecting with new ones and just enjoying hanging out with like-minded souls who all have a love for the hobby.

There was an immense amount of intense competition this year for Golden Demon. While my Inquisitor never made it off the table, and I'll address why in a post later this week, I can the keep but showcase as many of the entries as I could.

The one thing I will ask in this image dump, is that if you see your entry, chime in with a comment! I'd love to hear from you, and any tips you may have for budding Golden Demon Painters out there.

Less talk, more pictures!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Inq28: Paint Progress and Freehand

One more day and I can stop painting until 1:30 in the morning...

...I mean, I've got more done, yay!

Seriously though, I've made significant progress in the past two days and thought I'd give everyone one last peek before the final strokes of the brush are done.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Inq28 Squad: Painting in Progress

You know that dramatic, sharp intake of breath we see in the movies and television so often? The one that is so very well rehearsed, and used whenever something shocking has happened? Yeah, that one. It's got to be fake, right?

Not when you step on your Inquisitor at 7:45am as you try and get you and your son out the door in the morning, it isn't. That dramatic intake of breath is very real, let me tell you.

...enough of the drama that I started my Monday with yesterday, lets take a look at the progress so far.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Inq28: The Rest of the Retinue

Well if I'm going to enter the Golden Demon, 40K squad category, I suppose I should fill out the rest of his retinue, right? I gave it some thought, and while I would love to fill each and every spot in the retinue with a custom converted figure, I just simply don't have the time for it. Looking through the bevy of awesome sculpts I already have available to me, I made some choices.

Of course…that doesn't mean I didn't do some more conversion work.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Inq28: Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Conversion

See what happens when I have a deadline looming? I get productive!

Originally I was hell-bent on recreating, and re imagining even, my Ordo Xenos Inquisitor that I did two years ago for Golden Demon. I planned on using the new plastic Farseer as a base for the conversion and even found a metal Harlequin Shadowseer for his staff for the project. The reality of the situation is I just have too much going on, and need more time to devote to that project as the concept for it just isn't as clear as it was for the Tech Magos.

Quickly switching gears, I dove into my available kits and models and inspiration struck for a new Inquisitor…

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Inq28: Mechanicus Tech Magos Conversion

I did it…I finally took the leap and designed something for Inq28. Of course, it helps that I have the ulterior motive of placing an Inquisitorial Warband into the 40K Squad entry for Golden Demon at Games Day, but that's besides the point.

Originally I was going to be working on this over vacation, but filleting over 75 fresh-caught trout and vacuum-sealing them took far more time throughout the week than I had originally planned. Ah well, I'm still on track…a hastened track, but still on one, to get it all completed by Games Day.

Enough with the yammering, on with the conversion!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Taking the Hobby on the Road

Tim's going fishing folks! That's right, I'll be in northeast Iowa for the next week going trout fishing, hiking and generally enjoying time away from the hectic world we call life.

Of course, that doesn't mean that I'm leaving the hobby at home, perish the thought. However, how does one best take the hobby on the road?