Friday, July 19, 2013

Inq28: Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Conversion

See what happens when I have a deadline looming? I get productive!

Originally I was hell-bent on recreating, and re imagining even, my Ordo Xenos Inquisitor that I did two years ago for Golden Demon. I planned on using the new plastic Farseer as a base for the conversion and even found a metal Harlequin Shadowseer for his staff for the project. The reality of the situation is I just have too much going on, and need more time to devote to that project as the concept for it just isn't as clear as it was for the Tech Magos.

Quickly switching gears, I dove into my available kits and models and inspiration struck for a new Inquisitor…

Now typically I am securely in the Ordo Xenos camp, with slight leanings towards Malleus for my interests in modeling and story. Hereticus just makes me shake my head at it's blind zealotry. However, when I was sifting through my parts and kits for inspiration, I came across this year's Forge World Event Figure I got at Adepticon, and the following parts, and a Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor was quickly born.

Parts List


Forge World Event figure, Empire Priest

Standing Cadian Legs

Guard Bolt Pistol

Inquisitorial Sword I bits-ordered a LONG time ago

Resin Inquisitor Bit from Forge World Hector Rex Henchman

Green Stuff and Wire


The first thing I did was cut off the Priest's bare feet and smooth out the bottom. I drilled two holes where they were, then trimmed off the boots from the Guardsman's legs, also drilling them for pinning. To continue with the pinning-prep, I drilled into this right shoulder blade and also into the Henchman's banner-bit.

A little glue, some green stuff, and a touch of floral wire later, I pinned and secured the back piece for the figure into place. I used the green stuff to give it the proper angle I wanted, rather than just glueing it straight to the figure, as it would have been leaning awkwardly otherwise.

The next steps were to get the feet and new weapons in place. I did a combo glue and green stuff into the pinning method of the feet so they would bond to the figure. Once the glue set, I trimmed and shaped the semi-cured green stuff into a smooth filler for the gaps between the feet and the bottom of the figure. The two hands were simple trim-and-pin jobs as well, though I did need add a touch of green stuff to the bond for the metal sword hand, as it needed a touch of strength with the glue, and I was able to smooth out any gaps as well. The bolt pistol hand slipped right into place as if it had always belonged.

The base I built up for him, I really built up. It's a full thickness of cork taller than any of the other figures, to give him addition height, and I trimmed it up in a way to try and draw your eye up from the ground and then up the figure.

The sword, bolt pistol and back piece form a nice triangle with his head in the center of it. This is an excellent way to draw the viewer's focus on the wonderfully expressive sculpt of his face. It also means I'm going to have to do one heck of a job painting it as if I don't, you'll notice it quick!

This is him finished and fully based. Nice, simple cork basing, with 4 different grain-sizes of ballast and some plastic rod for broken piping.

All-in-all, a quick and effective conversion, I think...but let me know your thoughts! I'm loving this pace and project so far.

Tomorrow, the rest of his crew!

- Tim



  1. Absolutely fantastic conversion, I may well be "borrowing" this concept at some point!!!

    1. Borrow away! I get a ton of inspiration form all the blogs and forums I read, and I'd love to see another version of him!

  2. Very nice.
    Some sort of small IG style shoulder pad for the right arm would look great. And perhaps remove some of the chainmail to get away somewhat from the fantasy feel?

    1. Thanks Jeff!

      He most definitely has a bit more of a fantasy feel to him than most of my conversions, and if it were any other ordo than Hereticus, I'd agree with you. I'd also agree with you if I wasnt pressed for time and didn't just prime him last night ;)

  3. I have been dying to get my hands on that model for "something". Would probably sit in my bits box for years like the Arbites and his dog but still it is such a nice model and you have given it a real purpose here.

    Nice! Now paint it :)

    1. Painting away, sir!!

      Actually, tune in tomorrow to see what abotu the rest of his Retinue if you like the arbite and his dog ;)

  4. What a brilliant little conversion! Those added feet are such a simple, yet fantastic touch! And while I think the sword may be slightly too clunky, I'll reserve judgement until I've seen him painted.

    You're really on a roll with these, aren't you? ;)

    1. The feet really help cement him for me, into the current era rather than fantasy...that, and the bolt pistol ;)

      The sword, I agree with you on, except for how I figure he uses it. It's a power sword, that he only infrequently turns the power field on for. usually it's just a slightly dull, over weight sword he uses to bludgeon the heretics to death with!

      And yes, yes I am. I now have 6 days before Golden Demon...I kinda need to be ;)

  5. Simple and very effective, well done.

    1. Thank you :) I'm glad you like it! Simple can most definitely be the way to go most times.