Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Games Day Image Dump 2: Armies on Parade and More

Originally I was only going to do one Image Dump for Games Day this year...until I realized how many pictures I took. That's when I decided to separate the Golden Demon entries from the rest of it all so I could do everything a bit more justice.

This time around will be Armies on Parade, and then some miscellaneous shots of Forge World upcoming releases and Lizardmen sculpts. Watching Armies on Parade unfold, I do believe that next year I'll be entering the local AoP competition to try and make it into the Games Day event. Of course, I'll also attempt a couple or five Golden Demon entries as well, but I've come up with a new philosophy on those that I'll share at a later date.

On with the pictures, part two!



  1. Thanks for sharing all the pics. Some of those AoP boards are insane.

  2. I'm surprised nobody at GW objected to Dave Taylor bringing non-gw models (his custom sculpt of guardsmen with axes on the mechanicus board). Impressive displays!

  3. Thanks for these posts man. I really love seeing these and it makes me feel like I was there even though I was half way across the globe. That khorne army is cool. Those land raiders are brilliant