Friday, July 5, 2013

Taking the Hobby on the Road

Tim's going fishing folks! That's right, I'll be in northeast Iowa for the next week going trout fishing, hiking and generally enjoying time away from the hectic world we call life.

Of course, that doesn't mean that I'm leaving the hobby at home, perish the thought. However, how does one best take the hobby on the road?

You've all seen my post "The Bitz Box, a Hobbyist's Best Friend", and if you haven't, click on the title there to go have a read. It it I discuss various types and varieties of tool storage containers, repurposed into bits boxes. This past year, I've graduated into a deeper level of hobby addiction...erm, organization that is, and now have a fully labeled and organized drawer system. Unfortunately, this new and wonderful system has one clear and distinct flaw: it's complete lack of mobility. I simply cannot take the drawer systems on the road. So how to fix this?

Enter, the Keter 18 Compartment Cantilever Organizer.

It may not slice, dice, chop and purée, but it sure as heck does a darn good job of giving me the mobility and versatility I need for a trip. It locks securely with the two aluminum latches, opens while keeping everything level, and most importantly, each and every single one of those 18 compartments actually is removable! They even slot onto place with they way they are constructed so that they don't shift and move. It's compact, doesn't take up a ton of room, and when open it rests on built in feet for stability. It works especially well with my current organizational methods, because I keep everything it's own compartment, and when I get back home, I'll simply put all the parts back into their respective labeled drawers for easy unpacking!

I'm able to take my entire Inq28 warband parts and pieces, any and all conversion parts I may need, green stuff, glue, plasticard, pinning wire, and more with me for any possible need I may have as I complete my squad Golden Demon entry for this year's Games Day. I've also got my Tau Crisis Suit parts in there if I have the time to work on that project.

I can also set up my iPad on top and use it as a mobile desk for writing this post! While I don't believe the designers had this purpose in mind, it works for me!

I'd advocate anyone having a case like this, be it this one or a different one, for one simple reason: get out and get over to your local shop or gaming group's meeting place and indulge in the hobby with other folks. Working outside of the privacy of your own home can definitely improve your skills through feedback and suggestions, and a case like this helps that endeavor.

I'll also be prepping update posts and in-progress WiP posts for the work I get done this week, all leading up to the finished Golden Demon entries ill be working on.

This was a new find for me, and it was outside of anything even resembling one of our hobby stores. Anyone else found anything interesting outside of the norm?

- Tim



  1. Oooh, that's nice. I have to be supervised when going to craft/hardware/camping stores because of the things I find to help with organizing the hobby. The only upside is that the wife is happy I have a neat hobby room since we share it. Now, Martha Stewart has some great stuff, so does Dewalt Swiss Army and Husky. From storage to folding tools - you would be shocked what you can use for the hobby. I have a metal hand cranked sausage maker that I got on sale for feeding leftover sprues through to make rubble o_O