Saturday, July 20, 2013

Inq28: The Rest of the Retinue

Well if I'm going to enter the Golden Demon, 40K squad category, I suppose I should fill out the rest of his retinue, right? I gave it some thought, and while I would love to fill each and every spot in the retinue with a custom converted figure, I just simply don't have the time for it. Looking through the bevy of awesome sculpts I already have available to me, I made some choices.

Of course…that doesn't mean I didn't do some more conversion work.

Considering my limited time-frame, here's the parts list for this last section of the modeling portion of this project.


Parts List

2012 Forge World Event Figure: Arbite and Cyber Mastiff

Vostroyan Sniper

Space Marine Scout Legs

Various Bitz from the Space Marine Scouts

Cadian Torsos

Cadian Arms

Forge World Cadian Rebreather Upgrade Kits

Medic Packs from the Cadian Command Squad

Catachan Vox Backpack

Bolter Clips from 2nd ED bolters




In all actuality, I also had the OLD Forge World, Special Event Figure Pilot in this list, as well as this year's Death Corps Quartermaster. I ruled out the pilot because he was standing just so serenely, that he wouldn't have fit into the diorama. The Quartermaster though, I truly wish I could have included, but it just wasn't in the cards.

I've also included my Counts-As Vindicare Assassin from the Vostroyan sniper. I originally painted him up for my 2000 Point Grey Knights, and now am cleaning up his paint job, and adding some more detail and finesse to him to add to the display.

The bevy of bits you see above, aside from the whole models, are what form the 3 "Red Shirts" of the Retinue: the Storm Troopers. I've had these guys sitting around for YEARS, collecting dust. I've even blogged on them back in December of 2011 HERE, if you want to read the full, in-depth conversion article. I've always loved them, but never did anything with them, so now was the perfect time for me to get a little closure and satisfaction from these models.

I did clean them up a bit more though, eliminating some final mold lines and adding on some compact backpacks of gear from the cleaned up medic bags. All in all, I still love these figures.

Now for the final picture before the painting begins…here is the entire crew, on their base and display for Golden Demon!!

Monday will start the Painting feed…er posts. Man, three posts in three days. What is this world coming to?

- Tim



  1. Sweeeeeet. I love how that unit looks - can't wait to see 'em painted up!

  2. Very VERY nice work. great job adding a few focal points using height too ;)

    1. Thank you!! I really tried to vary the heights and composition of the height presentation to best allow for them ALL to be seen equally at the same time.

  3. Tim... Fantastic Work Brother!!

    1. Thanks my friend :) Your praise is high indeed!

  4. Excellent group. Very fitting to a INQ28 game.

    1. Coming from your perspective, I appreciate that. I've never actually played INQ28, but the premise behind it makes me want to!! Here's hoping the rumored Inquisitor game is true!

    2. I hope it is - it'll perhaps be enough to get me back into the 40K hobby. Been kind of burnt out for months now and stuck playing Flames of War instead.

    3. I've been jonesing for a new 40K skirmish game since I last played Necromunda. Now Necromunda is still out, but one where you can create your own figures and characters possibly? If the rumors are true, that would be perfect!

  5. Brilliant effort - only comment here would be about the positioning of the minis in relation to each other - to my eye it makes more sense to have the sniper on the hill although I can see why you have the Inquisitor there as a focal point - similarly I would move the 3 Storm Troopers further into a V formation at the front - the leading wedge.

    1. You're exactly right in the reason I didn't put the sniper on top. at first I had the Inquisitor in the middle where the Arbite is, The Arbite where the sniper is, and the Sniper on top. I switched it to give the Inquisitor a "Lord-Over" feel, and get the height composition I wanted.

      The 3 Storm Troopers I broke up for reasons of height composition mostly, though I did originally have them together as well. We'll see how they all look once painted. I may switch it back :)