Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Converted Inquisitorial Stormtroopers

Hardly ever am I satisfied with a kit as it is.  I'm guessing this isn't a surprise to any of you.  So when I went looking for a model to represent Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, I wasn't happy with any out-of-the-box choices I had.

While I love the Kasrkin Stormtrooper models, they are Kasrkins, not Inquisitorial agents.  What about the Imperial Guard Stormtrooper models, you say?  I find those models a bit lacking in variety of pose and overall aesthetics.

Wonder what I came up with?

Starting with my standard Google search for inspiration, I was struck by this Silver Demon winner from years ago...

I loved the way the las guns were modified, the extra bit of armor added to the abdomen, and the use of the Space Marine Scout legs added that 'special ops' look for me.  However, I wasn't looking to create a SWAT team, so I needed to modify this for my own uses.

Here are the parts I used:

Space Marine Scout Legs
Various Bitz from the Space Marine Scout Box
Cadian Torsos
Cadian Arms
Forge World Cadian Rebreather Upgrade Kits
Forge World Inquisitorial Brass Etch
Bolter Clips

It may seem like a short parts list, but it's pretty unforgiving on your wallet.  Each squad of 10 will take 2 Space Marine Scout boxes, 1 Cadian Shoc Troop box, and 1 set of Forge World Upgrades, as well as the Brass Etch.  I'm not going to make the old Bolter Clips I used mandatory here, I just happened to have them in my Bitz Box, you can use the bolters from the Scout boxes. (Though this is an excellent endorsement for a well-stocked Bitz Box)

The conversions for the basic figure were fairly straightforward.  Trim the belt from the Cadian torsos so that they fit snug against the Scout legs, using the belt from the Scout bit.  Trim down the codpiece on the Scout legs to a bit more reasonable size, as well.  Those two bits should fit nicely together now.  Trim the square-ish piece from the back of the Cadian Torso to make room for the Brass Etched "I", then cut small sliver of plasticard for the added piece of armor placed under the existing flak armor.  The arms (not counting the las gun conversion), and the rebreather upgrade kit pieces are fitted as normal.

The Lasgun Conversion is really the only involved part of this conversion.  From a basic Lasgun, cut down the barrel and casing to just where the hand will hold it.  Once you have one done to the length you like, use this as a template for the rest of your rifles.  Trim off any excess detail so you have smooth sides at the front, and smooth down the front end as well.  The last major cuts here are to trim off the Lasgun clip, and carefully cut the Boltgun clip in half, widthwise.  The reason you trim the Boltgun clip width is so it's thickness doesn't look out of place when glued to the Lasgun body.  Drill a hole using your pin vice, to fit your plasticrod, slightly off center towards the top of the gun.  Trim said plasticrod to your chosen barrel length, and glue it into your drilled hole.  Affix the trimmed magazine to the Lasgun and the conversion is complete!

Below are a few more conversions using other parts of the Cadian Upgrades and other bits and bobs beyond the standard trooper.  
All in all, I like what this particular conversion and kit bash yielded...a more spec ops-looking Stormtrooper.  One that I feel would be used by and outfitted by the Inquisition.

Let me know your thoughts!  Better yet, tell me what you would have, or have, done differently!  I'd love to see your Stormtrooper conversions.

- Tim    


  1. Very nice work! The attention to detail and the conversions done so well at such a small scale are a mark of an advanced converter. I love the heads and I am really suprised I haven't seen more of them in the blogosphere since their debut.

  2. I love them! The cut down lasguns (lascarbines!?) are awesome! Also, interestingly from a gaming point of view you could even pass them for shotguns if you wanted to because they are different enough from the regular lasguns! besides, they do look quite like modern automatic shotguns anyway!

  3. Very nice Tim, might use the idea of scout legs for my Veteran Squads. Just ordered a heap of the hostile environment bits for Ordo Xenos Tyranid strike squads (I figure the amount of spores in the air on a fully infested world would be hard to breathe in), but was looking for something a bit different for them to show that they can survive for longer without it due to their plain badassery. Looking forward to seeing these painted :)

  4. OST: Glad you like them :) I've got 24 totally done and ready for primer, with six that are armless as I determine special weapons and such... Though, these are the rebreather heads and upgrades, not the hostile environment ones that are new. If I had the chance to do them over, I'd go for the new hostile enviro ones!!! Small-cale converting is actually one of the things I love to obsess over. yeah, that's right. Obsess :)

    oink: Hmm... shotguns... :)

    AridMonk: Honestly, once you trim down the cadian torso so you are using the scout legs belt, they fit very nicely together :) he hostile environment bits are perfect for Ordos Xenos... that's actually what these guys were planned to be :)

    Of Course, you would say something about them being painted. Dangit. Looks lke I'll at least get one of them on my plate :) Maybe I'll go all squad and convert another Xenos Inquisitor in Power Armor for a Counts As Coteaz. That way I could actually ADD these guys to my GK list...

  5. You could add drum magazines rather than the sickle shaped clips for a more "recognisable" shotgun look... then you'd have REALLY cool shotgun conversions... I think they call for a new post! lol!

  6. Seriously not cool to put that thought in my head, oink. Now I have this urge to try it out, yet I completely trashed 24 2nd ED bolters to get the magazines as they are now...