Sunday, September 1, 2013

High-Res, New Marine Imagery from Digital White Dwarf!

Games Workshop opened the floodgates this weekend, with the new Space Marine preorders. So much so, in fact, that their own site was crashing at the onset. Needless to say, I believe this will be a successful release, and I happen to be excited about many of the new and redone kits, while on the fence over one.

However, I'm guessing that from the title of the article, if you're here, you're wanting to see my compilation of all the high-res imagery I pulled from the digital White Dwarf. I was able to pull quite a bit, and even spliced together some of the two-part images as best as possible.

Take a look after the jump, and let the comments fly!!

So truly and honestly folks, what are your impressions?

- Tim



  1. Still think those Centurions are really, really terrible, even moreso now I've seen their back view. So overthetop bulky and silly looking. No idea how they got the greenlight to be released as they are.

    Librarian, Sternguard and Vanguard though look pretty cool. Though $30 for a Librarian is... Extortionate, bloody extrotionate.

  2. Those look amazing! Thanks for this!

  3. I actually think front on is the worst angle of the centurions, the other angles have cool and better details

  4. There are some seriously cool bits to be had in the new kits overall, that's for sure! Really digging on the Hunter/Stalker and the sternguard in particular.

    Still sort of scratching my head over the Centurions though - I've seen a really cool bit of art for them from the codex floating around and it looks awesome. Translated to model form however it definitely lost something... Still, some good bits in that kit for other purposes, and I'm sure some enterprising soul will figure out a way to turn them into something cool!

    Bit of a shame the plastic characters are so "build it only this way" (much like the recent Farseer), but that said they are freakin' awesome sculpts as-is!

  5. I like the HQs. I converted the Aspiring Champ with ease and it was a plastic clam pack so they can be customized. The cenutrions still hurt my eyes -_- I like everything else. the new tactical sprues are loaded with great options too!

  6. Overall this will be a pretty awesome release. I'm psyched about several of the kits but especially the Librarian, Sterngaurd, and Vanguard vets. I feel my wallet cringing in fear already.

    The centurions I think are workable but I still hate that the assault centurions primary weapons are drills. Amusingly enough I find the commander to be my least favorite figure since he's just an expensive knock-off of the AoBR captain (not entirely the same, but close enough).

    Biggest disappointment? The Reclusiarch. He's such an awesome figure but the fact that I have to buy him with the $90 Reclusiarch Command Squad set is irritating. Ebay here I come!