Thursday, June 11, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Centurions Chaplain Dreadnought

As a nod to a certain KrautScientist, I promised a while ago that I would showcase my Centurions Marine DIY Chapter on the blog, as I really haven't ever done so.  Why I really don't know, as it was the most involved I've ever gotten into an army project.

…of course, I still haven't done it. 

That said, I have decided that I'm going to start a new series in the blog with the ever-popular social media tag of "Throwback Thursdays".  This week, we're going to visit a Chaplain Dreadnought I converted specifically for my Centurions Marines.

Probably 2 years before I ever started creating the Centurions, I bought the Chaplain Dreadnought from Forge World because I just plain loved the model.  I mean, c'mon, its not like you've never bought a chunk of resin, plastic or metal and let it sit for year right?  However, when it came time to build the dreadnought for this force, I couldn't help but dig this guy out and go to town on conversions.

Let's dig up an old game I used to play on this blog back in 2011 called "Name That Bit", and see what all was used, shall we?

Chaplain Dreadnought
2 Siege Drill Arms
Plastic Heavy Plasma
Random Aquila Bits from a Warhound Titan
Inquisition Skulls and Purity Seals
Ogre Kingdoms Banner
Creepy Cherub from the Empire Lord Kit
Dragon Forge Designs Power Cables and Base

Also, in the end I actually kit bashed two more arms for him: a missile launcher made from a Chaos Maring Vehicle Havoc Launcher, and a Twin-Linked Autocannon arm made from various Guard bits.

That's not too terrible of a shopping list, is it? 

Don't answer that.  On to the finished product!

All in all, a fun piece to have put together and paint.  I actually had the opportunity to put this in front of Chris Borer and have him critique it for me, and loved every minute of it.  Chris really helped me see where I needed to take this to push it to the next level.  Maybe one day I'll dig him out and put those last few hours of work into him and make him really shine.

So what did you think of the first installment of Throwback Thursdays?  Yes?  No?  Want to see more?

- Tim


  1. I really appreciate the service (and shout out), and while this still isn't your entire Centurions army, heck, after pestering you for so long about it, I'll take what I can get ;)

    A beautiful model, and the paintjob just works so well on him! It's good to see some 40k over here again, for a change!

    1. Happy to oblige, my friend :) Glad you like him!!

      I'll be featuring much of my Centurions and my Templars on the blog in the TBT series since they were from a goodly time ago, so trust me, you'll get your 40K AND Centurions fix, I promise :)

  2. Oooooh 40k!!!!! Nice painting Tim!

  3. Looks great Tim. I think the throwback idea is a good one.

  4. Fantastic, man! I love how dynamic a pose you managed out of the ol' brick dread. Great work!

  5. Looks really good, those ogre kits provide so many awesome bits for conversions

  6. Huh, so I guess folks agree with Dai on the TBT being a good addition to the blog? Awesome!

    Maybe I'll push for a bit more of a how-to on the conversion aspect for the next one, then maybe a paint recipe for another?