Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Adepticon 2014 Coverage: Adepticon Titanicus!

Ever since 2007, I've been tempted to buy a Mars-Pattern Warhound Titan. Tempted so far, in fact, as to bring enough money to buy one not to 1, not to 2, but to 4 events where Forge World was selling. 2 Games Days and 2 Adepticons, respectively. And yes, this past Adepticon was one of those times.

This time around though, there was a greater temptation than most, as they ran an Adepticon Titanicus event, based on the old Adeptus Titacnicus rules, only in 28mm scale! That's right, the field was littered with Reavers and Warhounds galore! Imperial god-machines raged against Chaos possessed engines of destruction in a cityscape inspired by the buildings from the old game.

Take a gander at the in-game shots and make sure to wipe the drool from your chin as you do.

Tell me that doesn't look like fun! Of course, the sheer amount of resin on the floor would put a child through a year of college!

Thankfully for both my wallet, and my back (as I would most likely still be sleeping on the couch right now), I had already participated in some retail therapy for the weekend before this event. Alas, I no longer had enough funds for my Warhound. If I had I most certainly would have ran full tilt to Forge World on Sunday morning to purchase said Titan, as I would love to participate in an event like this.

Will I still be tempted to buy a Titan? Of course. Am I more tempted now than before? Of course! Will I be trolling eBay for a possible good deal that may need a little TLC?

…no comment. Anyone else want to plead the 5th if they are asked that same question after seeing the event in person, or these pictures?

One last Coverage post coming up folks! I'll be detailing out my sculpting class with Kev White from Hasslefree Miniatures. It was eye-opening to say the least, and I can't wait to continue where I left off.

- Tim



  1. Nice to see some more pics of this game (Dave Taylor also had some good ones on his blog.). Been drooling over the Chaos Warhound for years.....

  2. Tim, we were giving one away for first prize at Ogre games this year. The grand finals are this Saturday. You missed your chance unfortunately.