Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wow… 250,000+ Views!

So my fellow blogger over at The Eternal Hunt, KrautScientist, recently posted that his blog hit over 300,000 views. If you haven't ever checked him out, clicky the link here or find him in my blog roll, as you definitely should. This man has some insane conversion, painting and hobby skills, and his constructive criticism of my own projects most definitely pushes me to do better. A hearty congratulations are in order for him in providing so much amazing content and well-written articles over such a short time.

After seeing that, I decided to check out my own views and see how things were going on behind the scenes here. All I can say is thank you…I'm amazed at what everyone has read the most of, what's generated the most interest, the searches that have brought people here…everything. I'm blown away at the number of page views that have been generated in the past three and a half years. I mean wow, over 250,000. Seriously, mind blown.

So I thought I'd share with everyone some of the posts that have not only been read the most, but also some that were from the early days that might be new to some folks!

We'll tackle these links Top-5 style. I don't want to spam links, after all.

Most Popular Posts
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Converted Inquisitorial Stormtroopers
Color Theory and Painting Miniatures
A Matter of Opinion: Primer
Pushing Around Green Stuff: Sculpting Chainmail

Older Posts That May be New to New Readers
How Many Bits Does it Take?
Tools of the Trade: Modeling
The "Ooooh, Shiny!" Syndrome
Tools of the Trade: Painting
Why do More Than Just Tabletop Quality?

Ladies, Gentlemen. Thank you. Thank you for sticking with me through the last 3-plus years, and thank you for giving me a shot recently. Thank you for checking out my little corner of the interwebz, and thank you for reading my ramblings, opinions and musings. Thank you for the encouragement, the criticism and the challenges.

Most of all, thanks for all the fish! Here's to another quarter-million and 3 more years!

- Tim


  1. Congrats Tim! Curious question for you....

    How did the views scale over the years? Was the second year twice as much as the first? Etc...

    1. Thanks Greg!

      So the scale of the views, on a monthly scale, was directly proportionate to the number of articles per month as well as the number of blog rolls I was linked within.

      On a yearly curve, the second year was definitely higher than the first, and the third rose a bit, but the most felt out of the third looks to be in consistency of readership and views, less huge jumps like the second year was over the first.

    2. Thanks Tim. I was curious as I find analytics insanely interesting, and only have a year to look at, so curious how a blog grows overtime and expands!

    3. I paid alot of attention to the analytics in those first two years, but this past year I haven't as much. There are some things that I should have done from the start that would have influenced them (keywords), but going back 3 years to insert keywords into everything would be a royal pain :P

    4. By "keywords", are you talking about tags? Or is there another blogspot feature I'm unaware of?

    5. Nope, that's what I mean. I'm just screwing up terminology is all :)

  2. Congrats, man! I always enjoy your posts - keep up the great work!

    ...And let's see some more Heresy Salamanders! ;)

    1. Thanks my friend :)

      ...I've been avoiding the purchase of more Forge World until Adepticon, as the next purchase will put a hard dent in my wallet. Vulkan, 2 batches of Firedrakes, 3 upgrade packs...

      I do have a squad of 5 Pyroclasts to assemble and paint tho!

  3. Well, Tim, I'll have to thank you right back -- both for the great shout out and for the inspiration your blog keeps providing on a regular basis: Your projects are always a lot of fun to witness, and your levelheaded and constructive approach to this hobby of ours is often a bit of a lifesaver in what can sometimes seem like an ocean of negativity.

    So congratulations on your achievement! I can safely say from my own experience that keeping a blog interesting for yourself as well as for your readers is hard work -- and it's a work you perform admirably, mate! Carry on! ;)

    1. Anytime, my friend :) It's well-deserved with the content you crank out!

      Oh, there are plenty of times that I'm not really level-headed, trust me! I just try and not let that color my coverage of the hobby here :) Really thrilled you still like and visit here man. That really says something to me and I appreciate it!

      I need to do more shout-outs methinks. I read a ton of blogs, and maybe I just take for granted that other people do too...

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