Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vindicare Finished - Off to Feast of Blades!

It seems like I have this masochistic need to always push a project to the very end, barely finishing it in time, and generally stressing myself out because I have to maintain strict timelines to finish at the last minute. So what's the lesson learned?

Who knows, I haven't stopped doing this for the past 5 years. But the Vindicare is finished! Lets take a look at my take on this unit, styled for a pure Grey Knights force.

As I said before, I just couldn't reconcile a sleek, black body suited figure for my very austere and stoic Grey Knights force. However, the look that the Vostroyan Sniper I found was a perfect fit.

The paint process was relatively quick, actually. Once my palette was chosen, I blocked out all the colors on the figure. After they were dry, I did a series of washes and glazes to build my shadows, then brought out the highlights with a series of thin layers. Some quick gems for the scope and mask and he was finished!

Well, almost finished. See, I've been trying to put a touch of freehand in any figure that warrants it, and the sniper's flowing camo cloak was too perfect. I used this little canvas to mix a very subdued red, and embellished an Inquisitorial "I" in the corner. It's subtle, but it works. Is just a touch of practice here and there, but if I don't start integrating it into my projects, I'll never get the practice I need to get better, right?

So now my bags are packed, my flight is booked, and I can't wait. First national event outside of Adepticon and my first trip to Denver, much less Colorado!

Apparently I need to drink a lot of water with the difference in elevation...

- Tim



  1. He looks great Tim, and best of luck at the show.

    Remember too, that beer is made with lots of water ; )


    1. But, but, but... they told me I can't drink as much usual at that elevation either! Dangit!!!

      Thanks Dave :) I'll have a full report on the weekend once I've recovered :)

    2. Oh, I wouldn't say that - rather that one can look at it as drinking at altitude is much more... Efficient than one may expect. Hah!

      There's a vast number of excellent microbrews to be found in CO that are well worth trying while you're here! Just be sure to keep well hydrated as well, I'd hate to see altitude sickness cast a pall over your weekend.

  2. Great stuff, Tim! The addition of the freehand is fantastic - I really dig how that turned out.

    Have a safe trip, it's a little cold and snowy here at the moment but not enough to stress over. Give me a shout if there's anything you need hobby-wise or otherwise that you may have forgotten and I'll bring it down with me on Saturday. Looking forward to it!

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  4. Sub-tle, eh? Looks great. Nice break from the glaring in your face freehand that makes the mini look like a canvas. Never been a fan of details overpowering the mini. I'll have to try this sub-tlty you speak of;)

  5. This guy looks awesome! I've been avoiding freehand, but I'm going to have to take your advice and just do a little bit on each model that could use it. (I eventually want to be able to do things like this: )

    1. That's some serious tattooing and freehand :) I would like to aspire to do those types of tattoos myself!