Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Gaming Charity: Celebrity Dreadfleet!

I'd like to bring everyone's attention to a little something I caught on Dave Taylor's Blog.  Looks like Chris Borer and Dave Pauwels, of Golden Demon and Slayer Sword fame, have brought together a whole slew of the miniature painting world celebrities to make an impact and support the Ocean Conservancy!

The full painted fleet of Dreadfleet, along with painted terrain and gaming accessories and the rules signed by all the artists, will be raffled off at Adepticon 2012 in Chicago!  Some of the celebrity painters will even demo the game!

Below is a list of the participating artists and their charges, shamelessly swiped from the Charity's Blog.

The Grand Alliance
Jim Wappel                   The Heldenhammer
Chris Borer                    The Seadrake
Mathieu Fontaine          The Flaming Scimitar
Brian Sobb                    Grimnir’s Thunder
Davey Pauwels             The Swordfysh

The Dreadfleet
Cathy Wappel                The Bloody Reaver
Jennifer Haley               Skabrus
Dave Taylor                   The Black Kraken
Kirill Zhilkov                 Curse of Zandri
Joe Orteza                      The Shadewraith

Dennis Smith                 The Sea Monsters

I highly recommend you head over to the blog, located here, and keep tabs on the progress.  More importantly, I hope you would give, and give generously to the Charity's benefit. 

I'm always excited about our community getting together, celebrity or not, and putting on charity events such as this.  Enough of the world sees video gamers, tabletop gamers, and RPG games as odd, or wrong, or outcast as it is, and I'm thrilled to look at them with my head held high, not just because they are wrong in their assumption, but because the community proves it.

Kudos to you, Chris and Dave, for heading this nautical charity excursion, and kudos to those who support them, painter and giver alike!

- Tim

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