Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The "Oooooh, Shiny!" Syndrome

We've all done it. Walked into the local shop and saw the new codex, army book or boxed set that just came out, and your hobby A.D.D. kicked in. The next thing you know, you've got a new army, whether you finished the one you were in the middle of or not, using previously mentioned new, shiny codex/army book/boxed set.

Let's not confuse this with "Bandwagon" syndrome... Though similar, the "Oooooh, Shiny!" syndrome refers to anything brand new, whether it is competitive or not.

So how do we avoid this wallet-sucking syndrome? Do we even want to? I mean, just LOOK at the new Ogre models!

If you've read some of my articles, you probably caught the one about "Investing" in your hobby future. I suppose that could have been a bit of a precursor to this article in a way, as I mention that wouldn't have been able to do half of the conversions or have even a fourth of the options I have if I hadn't purchased so many different things over the years. Notice, however, that I never said exactly what motivated all those purchases.

The vast majority of those "investments" were motivated entirely by the "Oooooh, Shiny!" syndrome. Something new came out, like the Red Scorpion upgrade packs from Forge World, or the new Vanguard and Sternguard, or even the Eldar army box when their most recent codex came out, and without even thinking I instantly bought them because they looked amazing. If GW had packaged them in a foil box, I literally could have bought the new shiny thing on the shelves, and it literally would have been shiny!

This is why it's different from the "Bandwagon" syndrome. None of those purchases reflected what was currently hot on the tournament circuit, or the latest theory-hammer that was out there. No, really, look...Eldar. But they were new and shiny!!!

I have since tried to reign in this money-hungry syndrome, but it's a hard habit to break...Current case in point, the new Ogre models soon to be released that I've peppered this post with. (It also gives me a good reason to post some of the models too!) I don't even know how to play Fantasy...but I will now that I've seen the new Ogre models! Even while I currently own a Dwarven force, I just HAVE to have the Ogre models.

So how do I even try and reconcile the future Ogre purchases? I'm committing to learning Fantasy, as well as committing to enter some of the new Ogre models into Golden Demon next year. This way I don't just buy because they are such beautiful sculpts, even though they are, I'm buying with a dual purpose in mind. See? I used the word "purpose". That makes it all better! No, seriously. Stop laughing.

So in the end, do we avoid the "Ooooh, Shiny!" Syndrome? No... At least I don't think we should, otherwise I wouldn't be "investing" into my hobby and bitz box hardly. I just think it needs a little tempering with willpower. Otherwise I'll have a lot of boxed plastic on my shelves. Not that that's an entirely bad thing, mind you.

But my wife would kill me... Let's not forget that.

- Tim


  1. I know how you feel. My bitz box is the stuff of legend and most of the time, I can make whatever I want with what I find (Deathwing, ravenwing cough ...), but once it started piling up, the wife (who is so awesome for letting me have so much hobby time) gets upset.

    This brings me to the other side of the investment. I will frequently find items among the bits and sprues that I either no longer have an interest in or that I know I can trade or sell at an increased value. This "slush fund" has been powering my hobby endeavors 100% (including Adepticon) since 2007.

    With that being said, will power is the key to having a great bitz box and knowing when and what to let go. I do have to say, however, that these new Ogres MUST be mine! Especially that hug beast with the horns!

  2. I'm glad my hording is thus far limited to power armor. My idea for my army makes it as a nice counts as for almost any marine army (story too!). So in theory I'm collecting four armies for the price of one- that's how I justify it at least. I think feature creep is going to kill me though haha.

  3. I saw those the other day and had pretty much the same thought Tim, 'how can I legitimise the purchase of an ogre army, I NEED these things'. The sculpts/concepts are incredible.

    If each new release from GW comes packing these sorts of details I think my wallet will have to be signed over to my girlfriend for safe keeping as I am definitely not strong willed enough to hold back.

    I couldn't care less how they play either, I mean loooooooooook at those models! Wow! Win or lose, you rock up with an army looking like that and you have won in my book.

  4. Hah! Good to know I'm not alone here. Even my wife got a kick out of reading this article and all your responses :)

    Then she confirmed she would, indeed, kill me if I let this Syndrome get out of control :P

  5. Hahahaha, I justified a full +2000pt army purchase Tim!

    I've sold a 'spare' army I had in the bank and put the funds (which haven't even cleared yet) into a purchase of these resplendent new Ogres sculpts!

    A wiley old fox I am!

  6. Jack... I... I just... Gosh darn it, man. I still have to figure out how to pull the funds outta my arse for my own ogres!!