Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deathwing, Black Templar Style


So here starts the beginning of a series of posts on this commission I've taken on in the past month or so. I'll be updating this commission with a post every so often as I complete more and more of the army.

The army itself consists of:
1 Terminator troop squads
1 "command" squad
2 5-man devastator squads
Belial conversion
Librarian in Terminator armor (using a Grey Knight)
1 Dreadnought (with various options for arms)

First thing's first, and that determining the basic color palette. For the majority of the black armor, I wanted to give it a bit more depth than just a line highlight. For the largest areas of plate, I'm using Charadon Granite and blending that to Chaos Black. Then I highlight that with a mix of Bleach Bone and Charadon Granite. Since I didn't want to continually custom mix my highlight, I mixed up an entire paint pot full of this for ease of use as well as consistency's sake.

The white is done with P3's Menoth White Base, built up to Menoth White Highlight. I like this because there is so rarely a pure white to things, and the more yellowed white goes well with the way I'm treating the black armor.

The red is a Mechrite Red base, washed with Devlan Mud, then highlighted with Khador Red Base.
Any parchment or bone is done by using P3's Khaki, washed with Devlan Mud and then highlighted with the Khaki again.

Past that, I'm using Cryx Base, lighted a little, then washed with Badab Black for the soft armor joints, and any metal is simply Boltgun washed with Badab Black. I like the utilitarian look that gives the metallics. Sergeants have lightning claws that are done with Menoth White highlight, blended to a bright green at the tips. I am doing script on the armor plates in some areas, and that is done with Menoth White Highlight as well.

Basing will be done with slate and a mixed size of ballast, with snow effects to help set off the model from the base.
Here's the test model.

First squad complete.

Second squad complete.

Some details on one of the Sergeants.

The deadline for this is July 12th, so plan on seeing a slew of updates as we grow closer to that date!



  1. Those are some really nice looking Templars not over looking complicated (though I bet they are when painting ) is there any chance of seeing that Thunderhammer in the next update for them or is it still WIP?

  2. Thanks for the compliment :) The thing I like best about the templars is while the black is a blend on the larger areas with a line highlight, it isstill simple enough to make the other details (purity seals, bone, red and eyes) really stand out.

    I can definitely take some close-ups of the Thunderhammer in the next round. Right now it's a pretty simple process as we wanted the bolter and hammer metallics to look more utilitarian than spit-shined and polished.

    Boltgun Metal
    Badab Black Wash
    Thin, thin, THIN glaze of Thraka Green over the head

    The handles were:
    Cryx Bane Base
    Badab Black Wash