Friday, January 9, 2015

When did 2015 Start?!?!

Whoever decided that it was time to start the new year needs to be shot with a tranquilizer, severely medicated, and locked away in a room for at least a month.  I need more time to get ready for Adepticon, dangit!!

No, seriously, I need more time.  Adepticon was moved up by a month as opposed to last year, and i's going to catch up with me fast.  So while I continue to deny the fact that we are already over a week into January, why don't we revisit 2014 a little, and maybe see what's in store for 2015 when I finally decide to acknowledge it's existence.

2014 Highlights

I went to Adepticon!  (Shush you in the corner who wants to keep reminding me that I only have about 2 months until the this year's Adepticon)  I took part in the Team Tournament with some good friends and had a great time.  All of our opponents were great people who I'd happily play again and again.  It also motivated me to finish my first foray into 30K miniatures with my Salamanders.

I learned how to use an Airbrush!  In accompaniment to the above point, I also used said Salamanders as my guinea pigs for my first foray into the wonderful world of the airbrush.  Was it a bit of a gamble?  Sure it was.  Did it pay off?  You bet it did!  I learned a lot in the doing, and learned a lot from the doing as well.  I'm thrilled with my progression through the year with it and can't wait to keep learning and getting better as 2015 rolls on.

I started listening to Podcasts!  …what?  Don't look at me like that.  No, I wasn't living under a rock, I just never listened to them before.  Suffice it to say, I am happily subscribing to a bunch of them, and I enjoy them immensely.  If you aren't doing it yourself, you should join me in the modern world.

I went to GenCon!  For the first time, I might add.  Wow was it an experience, and I can't wait to go back this coming year.  I even convinced my wife to come with me, though she will not be making a return appearance this coming year.

I entered figures into a contest and WON!  Yup, in addition to going to GenCon, I entered into their MHE Painting Competition, and won Gold in the Journeyman Large Model Category, as well as Bronze in the Journeyman Unit Category.  I'm still amazed at them both, and it is truly encouraging to me to continue to improve and enter more competitions.

I jumped into the deep-end of Infinity!  Right, cause you hadn't already noticed that from some of the posts I have put up lately, right?  I even went so far as to sign up for not one, not two, but three Infinity Tournaments at Adepticon this coming year!

The Blog topped 250,000 views!  Holy crap.  I'm still blown away by this, and can't wait to see how it grows this coming year.

I decided to stop screwing around with my health, and used the blog as a platform for change.  Still trucking along with this one too.  By Adepticon, I'm hoping to be down at least one pants-size (though I think I'm already there), and I'd like to be down a shirt size as well.  This isn't easy, but it's worth it.

What's coming in 2015

MOAR INFINITY!  Expect to see more updates as I being to lay paint onto figures for sure!

Healthy Gamer Updates.  Once a month I'll be updating on my progress, as well as ideas and thoughts on how I've been able to implement a healthier lifestyle without killing the fun in life as a gamer.

Social Media!  Yup, I'm gonna do it this time.  Miniature Tim will have a face in Instagram and Facebook at least, possibly twitter as well.

Conventions galore!  I already have my tickets and room for Adepticon, so that's a given, however I've also just paid for my hotel for GenCon as well!  As soon as Feast of Blades publishes their 2015 information, I'll be reserving hotel and events for that one too.  I'd really like to attend at least one more event that those, so we'll see.

Gaming Industry work.  I worked a bit in this last year, and have been doing so since…just can't share much is all.  Look for more work from me coming next month though!  Perhaps a board game Kickstarter that I have a hand in?

More Competitions.  In addition to tournaments, I want to compete again at GenCon, and try and find a Draconic Awards competition at an event I can attend. 

Basing and Terrain.  I've got a fairly involved series planned for these two topics that I want to get off the ground and into your hands!

So as much as I want to deny it, 2015 is here to stay.  I hope everyone has had an amazing holiday season, and that we've all hit the ground running in the new year!

…or at least hit the ground with minimal pain and damage…?

- Tim


  1. Quite the year's resume Tim and lots of good stuff to come.

    I'm rather intrigued regarding this boardgame? Any more snippets you can provide?

    1. I can confirm that the board game will go up on Kickstarter in February, and that I've done all the graphic design for it. The illustration was not done by myself though, however it was done by an AMAZING artist named Konstantinos Skenteridis. If you want to take a gander, check out:

      I'll be sure to post up more when I'm able :)

    2. Found his Deviant art gallery - impressive!