Monday, January 19, 2015

Adepticon is WHEN?!

Have you noticed a pattern yet?  Things seem to be sneaking up on me lately.  Like 2015…and now Adepticon.  Good Lord, 8 weeks to go and I'm not ready yet.  How does this keep happening to me?

…don't answer that…

What I'd rather look at, is what makes Adepticon 2015 different than the rest.  What's changing, what's not, what I'm doing this year, and even what I'm not!

So what's changing?  Well there are two I really want to hit on:

Yup, if you didn't already know (though I'm pretty certain the majority of you do), the venue for Adepticon changed this year.  Moving from the much-loved Westin in Lombard IL, Adepticon planted it's feet at the Renaissance Convention Center in Schaumberg IL.  With this move we say goodbye to a previous location that many of us loved.  The location of the Westin was great for food, the location of the Bunker (when it was still around), a movie theater and a Mall.  And yet, I still feel this is a great move for Adepticon as an organization and convention.  Why?

Adepticon doubled it's space!  That's right, the convention was bursting at the seams at the Westin.  As much as I loved the location, it was time to go.  Not only could there not be as many rooms in the hotel as folks wanted, but the space for gaming, seminars, and vendors was bursting at the seams.  Vendors and events literally lined the hallways and lobby for the past two years.  Now, there is far more elbow room for all, with space enough to expand into board and card gaming as well as a space dedicated to hobbying!

As far as food and entertainment for the area around the new location, we're set up pretty good.  Woodfield Mall is a couple miles away, as is Ikea, The Ram, numerous steakhouses, a movie theater, fast food and more.  All in all, this is a solid move for Adepticon, and one that I feel will only help the event grow.

New Offerings!
With the added space, there is additional offerings to be had!  More tabletop wargaming than you could shake a stick at, with tournaments and demos for pretty much every game out there.  But this year they are going to have a dedicated space, along with tournaments and more, for board games and card games.  Those of us who love the hobby side of things get a special treat in a space set aside for active hobbying in the convention itself!  Ever wonder how to do a particular effect in painting?  Swing on by this corner of the 'Con and ask!  I'm really looking forward to this section myself, and can't wait to make it a regular stop during the weekend.

So what am I doing this year, and how is it different than the past 8 years prior?

Well, the biggest difference is that I've not signed up for a single GW event.  At all.  This feels as weird for me as it is to even type it.  Adepticon was always the 40K mecca of tournaments and gaming for me and now…now the only GW fix I'll get is ogling all the armies during the team and single-player tournaments.  It's going to be a change, that's for sure, but a good one I think.  I needed a break from GW for a bit, and this is giving it to me in more ways than one. 

I'll also not be entering anything into Crystal Brush this go-round.  Why?  Lack of time, I'm afraid.  Oh sure, there's always the chance I'll…nah, who'm I kidding.  It's just not going to happen.  I got started too late, and I've been far too busy with freelance design and work.  That's okay, though.  This will just get me more motivated to enter the competitions at GenCon later this year!

What I am doing is playing in all three major Infinity tournaments!  Really looking forward to this, and am in a mad dash to get everything painted, and play enough test games to be comfortable with the new rules, as well as happy with the lists I create for it.  This is going pretty well, though trust me, I really wish I had another couple weeks at least added onto my time available.

I'll also be seeking out a demo of Firestorm Armada, checking out the Robotech RPG Tactics games, and also trying to watch some Malifaux as well.  You know, beyond just catching up with and spending time with good friends I don't get to see nearly enough.

All in all, I think this is going to be a great year at Adepticon.  Are you going?  What are you looking forward to?

- Tim


  1. Not this year, but I think I'm going to make it a point to go next year.

    1. Well that's great and an "awww" all at the same time! Still need to work on convincing your wife to let you come to GenCon this year!!!

  2. I'm going, mainly for painting classes! I think I signed up for 6 or 7! That and taking photos of everyones gorgeous mini's!

    1. I've only got one class, and that's with Meg Maples on Sunday. 6 or 7 is ambitious, but you'll have a blast. I have a friend that pretty much exclusively takes classes and drools over minis as well, so you aren't alone, by a long shot I'm sure :) If you see me, say hi!! I should have a blog shirt on at least one of the days.

    2. Will do! I'll probably pick up another shirt too...I imagine I'll just be starry eyed and not even know whats going on most of the time.

    3. You'll catch on quick, Greg, not a worry there. We're not talking GenCon here, where you can easily get lost! Adepticon is still of a size where you'll see and recognize faces pretty quick after the first day. Just don't feel like you can't approach people. approach them! Say hi! Talk Geek! We all will be doing it :)