Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Infinity: First 3rd Edition Game!

Chronowraith (see blog here) and I got together this past week and got our first game of N3 in.  We had an absolute blast, and really loved exploring one of the new scenarios in the book, using purely N3 profiles for 200 point lists to get our feet wet.  All in all, it was a great first dive into N3.

We also have been exchanging emails about everything we got wrong!  Don't you just love new editions?

Does this mean we didn't read the rules?  Of course not.  Does this mean we need to keep reading the rules and learn the game better?  Yup.  I won't just copy and paste the email chains here, but I thought it would be beneficial to folks to see just how much new there really is in N3, how easy it can be to miss some things, assume others, and totally fub-up a few more.

Here are some things we noticed that we either got wrong, or that we need to pay better attention to next time:

• Order Usage and ARO declaration:

I think we've been doing our orders a little fast and dirty compared to how they are actually supposed to go down.  I don't have a problem with this as we are playing friendly games but we may want to look at adapting the process below if we are playing at larger tournaments.

1.  Declare an order is being spent and what model is using the order.
2.  Declare first short skill and EVERYTHING necessary.
    2a.  ARO declaration/deferring
3.  Declare second short skill and EVERYTHING necessary.
    3a. If ARO deferred in 2a, ARO declaration.
4.  Implement order
    4a.  Measure and move models to final location
    4b. Roll dice
    4c.  apply any states acquired through actions (unconscious, wounds, status effects, etc)
5.  After order cleanup (Warning! Spins, etc)

An example.  I have an Alguacile behind total cover and you have a Kempeitai behind partial cover.

1.  I declare, "I'm spending an order on my Alguacile" and I remove the order from the pool and either discard it or place it near the alguacile as a reminder.
2.  I declare, "I'm moving up towards the corner of the building, peeking out, and then moving back behind total cover".  If necessary I show you on the table the route I am taking.  Note that no models are moved at this point.
    2a.  You declare an ARO of "When you peek around the corner, my Kepmeitai is going to ARO with a BS attack using his combi rifle."
3.  I declare, "When I peek around the corner I'm going to shoot you with my combi rifle and put all three burst into the Kempeitai."
    3a.  If you hadn't declared an ARO of BS attack in 2a you could declare an ARO here and give all the necessary details (I'm going to dodge and go prone, or I'm going to respond with a BS attack, etc).
4a.  I measure the distance from my Alguacile to the corner and then back into total cover.  If it is greater than 4" then I move, at most, 4" and stop.  If I can't make the corner and have no LoF to your Kempeitai, the second action is wasted. 
4b.  Assuming the move is enough to reach the building corner, we now resolve the FtF roll for firing, make armor rolls, and guts checks.
4c.  If either model is wounded then their new state would be applied (likely, unconscious in this case).
5.  If other models were in the Kempeitai's ZoC and didn't have a LoF to the Alguacile (and thus no ARO), they could make a Warning spin to face the Alguacile.

Note!  One thing I will add is that in larger tournaments, while this is the actual RAW way accomplish an order, we need to be flexible and cognizant of time as well.  I think so long as you and I practice the order like you wrote it, we will get quick at it.  So long as we aren't cheating each other or our tournament opponents, a little fast and dirty isn't a terrible thing.  What I don't want to compromise on is the rules themselves.

• Warning!  It ts not an ARO but an action that models who did not get an ARO may take if they are within the ZoC may take if a model targeted by an attack survives.  Bringing this up for two reasons.  More than just CC and BS attacks are attacks.  Certain hacking actions are attacks, sensor is actually classified as an attack, and so is Sat-Lock. 

• The Anti-Materiel rule/firing mode.  I took a gander and found this:  It's completely by weapon and weapon type, not just by the Anti-Materiel trait.  In Heavy MULTI and Light MULTI weapons, the Anti-Materiel mode reduces the Burst to 1.  However in Medium MULTI weapons, it does not.  Each weapon profile that has it, has a specific entry for Anti-Materiel Mode if it does reduce the Burst Value, and some

Multi HMG: Burst is reduced to 1
Multi Rifle:  Burst is reduced to 1
K1 Combi Rifle: Burst stays at 3
K1 Sniper Rifle: Burst stays at 2
Multi Sniper Rifle: Burst Stays at 2
Portable Autocannon: Burst stays at 2

So it's a little rare that the Burst value stays at it's full value, but
we definitely need to look at that.

• Damaging Terrain.  Terrain that reaches 0 STR is only damaged.  Damaged buildings counts as difficult terrain (end movement when first in contact with it, extra orders mean you can only move up to their 2nd movement value). Damaged state also means the terrain piece loses all functionality.  So if you damage the door, you can't run up and try and open it.  Important note as once you damage the door you are locked in until you destroy it.  Damaged Terrain can be repaired by an Engineer.  (so if you only damaged the door in your turn, I could run an engineer over there to fix it back up to STR2).

• Strategic Command Token usage.  We did get it wrong with the Strategic Command portion of the command tokens.  The wording on that section is confusing though as it states, before the options, that you must use these options in the first player turn of the first game round but then the wording of the -2 orders is ambiguous whereas the nullify a command token played is clear that it can only be used in the first player turn.

• HACKING IS NEW!!!  This may not seem the case, but we need to treat hacking in N3 like it is a completely new mechanic.  This will help us realize when we should be using it, how we should be using it, and how to use it better!

Whew.  There's a bit of a read, eh?  My point here is that while many folks will be comfortable with Infinity as a rules set, keep in mind there are a lot of subtle changes in N3.  Be aware of them when you play with seasoned Vets, as well as newcomers to the game.  Also, be patient with folks when you play them if you do have a good grasp of the rules.  N2 was around for a goodly while, and people may assume some things, and forget others.  They aren't trying to cheat you, trust me.

Who has tried their hand at N3 so far?  Who wants to?

- Tim


  1. Just started Ariadna to welcome the new edition. Having a blast so far learning a whole new rules set. Currently at 170 pts, but as my armies from other games do the eBay shuffle my Ariadna calls for reinforcements. Same with my friend's PanO. Know any decent Infinity communities in the burbs north of Chicago?

    1. There are several. Check out the Chicacgo Region Infinity facebook page and they should be able to link you up.

    2. what Chronowraith said :) Here's the link:

  2. Nice write up! What point level are you at?

    I've almost finished my 300 points of Aleph. Moving has slowed my progress though.

  3. We played 200 points for the first game. While we did get a number of things wrong (that could have potentially altered the outcome dramatically) it was a fantastic game. The Ninja running into the armory and carving up the Interventor and the Clockmaker was freaking amazing.

  4. Cool! When I first started looking at this game the ninja model caught my eye, but at the time didn't really work for its cost. Glad to hear it's viable again!

  5. After his murderous rampage in this game I'm certain I'll see Ninjas in the future. Especially once Tim can start using the Japanese Sectorial list again. FYI, Tim used the tactical bow version although I don't recall him ever using the bow.

  6. Well, looks like Kevin took over replying on my own post :)

    I used the bow once as my second short skill in response to an ARO. I missed :P Really like the Bow option though. And yes, I will be making use of Ninjas in the future. :) Heck, that's part of what drew me to Yu Jing in the first place! Who doesn't love cyber-ninjas?? If it wasn't for the deployment restrictions as a part of the scenario, he would have been placed different, that's for sure! :)

  7. Reached the big time and have started delegating replying to posts? :p

    1. Hah! Yeah right. More like he got here before I did is all :). You play any N3 yet Casey?

    2. Not yet, but the plan is to get a few small games in today!