Monday, August 11, 2014

Holy Bits, Batman!

Here's a quick PSA for both a friend, and every hobbyist who loves their bits box. 

I go to used gaming auctions a few times a year at a local shop.  You know what sells the most, and for the most money?  Gallon-sized plastic bags full of random bits.  I've spend a few hundred over the years on bags like that myself.  So imagine my reaction when my friend Alex let me know about this little auction here

4.5 POUNDS of 40K and Fantasy bits. 


My hands are twitching in their addictive want to get these and start going through them.  Think of the conversion potential!!

I don't typically link to eBay auctions, but this particular one is worth it to anyone who loves converting and kit bashing.  Give it a look, and maybe a bid!  If you do, I envy you as my wallet can't handle it right now.

- Tim


  1. Good thing it's an auction in the USA -- I probably wouldn't be able to control myself, otherwise...

    1. Ummm...KS? The seller will ship to other countries ;)

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