Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tim Illustrates a New Game!

Exciting times for Tim this week, folks! I promised an update as to why I've been somewhat silent in the hobby front these past few weeks or so. Here it is!

For those of you who don't know, I do quite a bit more than work with scale miniatures. If we dial the way-back machine for 15 years ago, I graduated college with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art. If we dial it even further back, I've been drawing comics and cartoons since I was a wee lad. About 9 years ago I cartooned for Cracked Magazine, and even designed the cover for the novel "The Choosing".

Well earlier this year, I got the chance to work on an exciting new project with Iron Box Games and Jeff Bellinger, the creator of the game Killer Bunnies, called Fill in the Blank!

I've been working closely with Justin McCoy and Kevin Clark of Iron Box Games these past few months on developing the look and feel for every graphic aspect for their new game. To steal a phrase from Justin, Fill in the Blank is a word-association card game that can be as family-friendly as you'd like…or not. There are three types of cards: The Action Cards, the Letter Cards and the Story Cards. Each story card has a place where the read can choose one of the provided options, or fill in the blank with their own choice. Then other players try and guess which letter answer was chosen. The winner is the player who collects each of the six types of fruit Action Cards. There are, of course, plenty of opportunities to screw over your fellow players, and as always a good time to be had by all.

So why is this such big deal for me? Beyond the opportunity to work with some great guys, this is an amazing chance for me to actually cartoon and illustrate, as well as do graphic design for the gaming industry! Ever since I was a kid, I've wanted to draw cartoons and comics. I became a graphic designer to stay artistic for a living while still being able to pay the bills. If I had my druthers, all I would ever do is illustrate, cartoon and design for the gaming and comic industry.

However, I have a wife, a son and a house payment. So this is me, working a day job and the working at night to build up my name and reputation in the industry, as well as build a viable portfolio of work to be taken seriously with. I may be 37 years old, but I don't think it's ever too late to move forward with a dream. The gentlemen at Iron Box Games, and a couple others for projects I can't really talk about right now, have put their faith in me, and it's time I had some faith in myself as well.

Now you understand the reason for my lack of any hobby progress of substance lately.

So now to the meat of the matter…I'm going to ask you to go and check out the Kickstarter for Fill in the Blank here. Show your support for a great game and back the project. Not only will you have a fantastic game to play with friends and family, you'll also be supporting my first published foray into the gaming industry.

Thanks everyone!

- Tim




  1. Angry Sheep was simply great and my kid still loves it :) This looks like fun too!

  2. It's never too late to pursue a dream ... all the best!

  3. Congrats, this looks great! Inspirational story, age is just a number!