Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Adepticon Countdown and Upcoming Coverage

At the time of posting, we'll be at T-Minus 2 days and counting until my yearly pilgrimage to Lombard, IL commences. My friend Doug  and I will start the morning with a solid diner breakfast before making the four and a half hour drive north to Chicago to start a four-day gaming fest.

...what do you mean I'll be getting there late?!?!?!

So way back some time last year when the block of rooms went up for reservations for the 2013 Adepticon, my friends and I all reserved our rooms per our normal routine, driving up Thursday morning to make it in time for registration and letting the weekend commence. And then lo and behold, when it came time to register last November, we see that they expanded the weekend to include events all day one Thursday! Including the 40K Championships! A touch too late to change our plans, unfortunately, we'll still be getting there on Thursday, early afternoon.

Luckily this year, I hang planned on playing in the Championships, but it definitely changes plans for next year, I'll tell you that!! I'm actually hoping they keep this structure as that will give me a great reason to play in both the Championships and the Team Tournaments both next year.

So what will I be doing? I'll be eating at Weber Grill, Juicy O's, Portillos... Oh, you meant at the convention! My mistake.

As far as the scheduled events go, Friday I'll be in a small class with Joe Orteza, learning more advanced sculpting techniques. Two years ago, I took his "Losing the Fear, Working with Green Stuff" class, and I can't wait to continue to learn from him, and truly expand my sculpting skills. Saturday ill be taking a class with Les Bursley on painting quickly without compromising on quality. Now I know Les uses an airbrush to start out his painting process a lot of the time, and I've been on the fence on buying an air brush for a while now, so I'm hoping for an eye opener here, on top of learning from Les. Then at 5pm, I'll be playing in the Combat Patrol, which is 400 points of goodness! I love the Combat Patrol, and my Centurions will be making a comeback this year!
The rest of my time will be spent checking out demos, the dealer areas and most importantly, reconnecting with good friends that I see all too infrequently. Adepticon is an event that so many of us attend, it's just a natural mecca for all of us to see each other, reconnecting with old friends, and meeting new ones. From the stance of a blogger, I also hope to meet some of my fellow bloggers and readers! Our hobby community is large, and one I'm very often proud of, and I can't wait to meet and reconnect with as many of you as will be there!

I'll also be providing as comprehensive coverage of the whole weekend as I possibly can. It won't be perfect, as the weekend is just too big for one person to cover, but it'll be as thorough as I can make it. Make sure to check back here throughout the weekend as I'll be posting at varying times.

Look folks, I don't go to these things to avoid my community, I go to immerse myself in it. If you're a reader, drop me a note in the comments if you're going and at the very least, let me shake your hand and thank you for reading. Maybe we can grab a game, as I'll have my Grey Knights with me as well! Ether way, I look forward to talking to as many of you as I can. I'll even have my Miniature Tm shirt on on Saturday...just make sure you find the shorter, nearly bald guy with it on as my friend Jason has one of my shirts as well. Though, Jes Goodwin wrote "Not" on it since he's not Miniature Tim. Heh.

Who's going??

- Tim


  1. I am planning on being there around 3:00 on Thursday. You will have to give me a call when you plan on going to Portillos!! Also, please please sneak in a video camera and record your class with Les, it conflicted with other events I am attending. Tim, if I can handle an airbrush, then so can you don't be scared of them.

    1. Tell you what Josh, I'll make sure I keep anything instructional that Les gives us and share it with you :)

      And no worries, we'll all make the pilgrimage to Portillos!!!

  2. I'll see everyone on Friday... at the rate this week is going I'll definitely need the stress release of a long weekend full of friends, gaming, and good food.

    1. Good food and stress release are needed round the board methinks, though the cryptic FB messages from and about you this week has got me awfully curious!!

  3. Well, hope you'll be having a great convention, Tim!

    Since you mentioned your Centurions: I know I may have asked this before, but is there anywhere on the internet (or this blog) where one can take a closer look at that particular army? I'd be really interested in getting a closer look!

    1. Its funny you ask, because I actually had finished that army before I created this blog! Since. I'm bringing it back for Adepticon this year, I'll do a short post and do some image features for you!

      I wonder...what would you think of me creating a secondary page on the blog featuring my projects and armies?

    2. That's exactly what you should do! I've done something like that myself, and it's a rather handy way of showcasing work you are proud of. And it would be great to have it all just one click away as well ;)

      Regarding the Centurions, whenever I catch a glimpse of the models, I always want to see more -- I guess that's a pretty good argument for featuring the army more ;)