Thursday, April 25, 2013

Adepticon 2013 Image Dump: Warhammer Fantasy

Day three of the 2013 Adepticon Image Dumps brings us finally to the subject of Warhammer Fantasy. This will also be the final image dump of this year's Adepticon Coverage. It is as comprehensive as my schedule allowed, but mainly is just shots from the Warhammer Fantasy Championships, single-player tournament.

I missed quite a few photo opportunities of various demos, the dealer room, and Lord knows what else. I did get into quite a few seminars, which I'll be covering as separate articles all their own, as well as catch up with some amazing friends I just don't get to see often enough. With the weekend as busy as it always is, and my sheer want for just some time to decompress, I decided to take time to actually catch up with as many of those friends as possible. Honestly though, if the pictures over the last few days do nothing else, I hope it encourages you to attend Adepticon 2014 so that we get the chance to catch up as well, especially if you've never been!

On to the pictures!!

Yes, yes I was enamored with Brandon's display and army... Want to know who else's army I was enamored with?

Yup, Jim's. Go figure, huh? Keep scrolling, I promise there are other armies covered.

Yes, yes that is an actual working beer tap on this man's display board, with a darn good home brew I got a sample of, and sodid all his opponents!


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  1. Thanks for that, it's great to see some of the spectacular stuff that people put together.

    Would love you get to Adepticon one day, but it would be a big trip for us.