Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adepticon Bound! Who's With Me?

In mere hours, I'll be starting the 5 hour drive north to Chicago to attend the tenth anniversary of Adepticon. This will mark my 6th attendance for this national event, and I can't wait!

What am I looking forward to most?

Well, I'll be participating in the 40K Championships...nah, that'll be a blast, but not what I'm looking forward to most.

Combat patrol on Saturday morning? I'm looking forward to it, as it's always a blast, but not the most.

Showing up at KillZone to try and nab a no-show's spot? Ooo... That's a close one.

Easily the thing I'm looking forward to most is seeing friends I haven't seen in a year. My fellow bloggers, and the readers that make writing what we do worth it. Yeah, this seems a bit corny, but you know, I don't care. I deliberately didn't sign up for any seminars this year because I want to get in as many pick up games as I can with folks I never get the chance to shake hands with across a table.

Friday I'll be wearing my Miniature Tim shirt during the tournament, and my army case declares itself as mime with an 8x10 patch I designed for the blog. I'll have my iPad with me all weekend, and considering I'm a cartoonist, you may catch me doing some sketching. I'll also have pictures of all my projects I've worked on on the iPad as well, and would love to talk about projects you've got going on yourself!

Stop by, shake my hand and say hi! Heck, sound off in the comments if you're coming!

- Tim


  1. See you at the Westin Tim!


  2. Wish I could attend - if all things go according to plan I'll be there next year however! Have a good time!

  3. Make sure you go to Portillo's... have some beef for me!!!!

  4. I saw you already, twice! Will be bringing my Ogres with me so make sure to stop by on Friday!

  5. Which army did you play in combat patrol? I played in both on Saturday and may have run into you.

    1. I played in the morning and ran a Grey Knight patrol :) 10-man strike squad, and a 5-man interceptor squad! What about yourself? What were you running?

    2. Awesome. I played Grey Knights also. I played 2x Strike Squads in Razorbacks. One squad was painted red like exorcist, and one was grey.