Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Hate You, Forge World ... Love, Tim

Hot on the heels of my love letter to Privateer Press last week, I decided to take a look at what Forge World had cooked up since I looked last...after all, I had a little Christmas money now and it was burning a hole in my pocket.

...and promptly let loose with a veritable diatribe of profanity that I am ashamed to admit to.  Why, you ask?  

Just look at the above new release from our friends across the pond, then read on.

See, my thing is that I think I've got maybe one more Space Marine army in me.  I've done Black Templars, my own DIY Centurions, and working on my Grey Knights for Adepticon next year.  I love Marines, and will mostly likely still do one-offs for competitions, but as far as a full-blown army goes, I don't see more than one more on the horizon for me.  

Mind you, that could change in the future, but still, let's just go with it and humor me, eh?

Another recent article of mine addressed the "Collector's" Syndrome, and how I honestly want to catch that bit of hobby bug.  Well, recently having finished the Salamaders Heresy novel, as well as their current novels by Nick Kyme, I'm actually excited to make the Salamanders my focus when it comes to a full-blown collection.  See, after Grey Knights, the Salamaders was the chapter I was going to start before I changed my mind again, shocker, I know, and went with my Templars of old.  So it felt good to come back to them and rediscover my love for that chaoter, in a way.  I was, though, going to limit it to a current-timeline themed force, specifically creating characters from Kyme's novels, and just thoroughly enjoying the army. 

So much for that idea. 

Of course I fell in love with all the older marks of armor Forge World was coming out with, and yes I do even own some of them.  I was planning on incorporating them into my force as squad leaders and veterans and whatnot.  Then FW came out with the Contemptor Dread, and the Land Raider Proteus.  Sigh.  Okay, okay, so I can incorporate those too and just enjoy some nice, venerable wargear in my army, right?  Nope. Then they had to come out with the Heresy-Era Rhino too.  And now the blasted Heresy-Era Predator!

"Come on now, Tim, you has to know that was going to happen..."

Well...yes, yes I did,  but that doesn't mean I couldn't pretend for a while.  Sigh.

So now it looks like I will be creating a Salamanders force that will span the ages, because of how much I love both the Pre-Heresy pieces FW has released, and how much I love the books and characters by Nick Kyme.

Yes, that also means I'll be trying my hand at converting/sculpting my own Vulcan...well, both of them I suppose!

Anyone else been sucked into something like this lately?

- Tim


  1. Hopefully today I'll be driving to the Chicago Bunker and ordering a Land Raider Achilles with Reinforced Space Armour, Space Wolf Land Raider Doors.. and a Dozer Blade from FW. I feel your pain.

  2. I've been working on my own Heresy-Era Thousand Sons for a little while now, and it seems that every time I get a kitbashed version of a Heresy variant vehicle completed, FW comes out with a resin version. Just putting the finishing touches on a Whirlwind, so I expect to see their take on one in short order!

    If you're interested in Heresy-Era gaming, may I suggest taking a look at the Tempus Fugitives site at http://www.tempusfugitives.co.uk/ - Ulfhedin and Co. have done an amazing job coming up with a codex for all the marine chapters of the era and run a series of campaign weekends set during the Heresy. It's fantastic stuff! Here's a link to the marine expansion codex:


    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do for the Salamanders!

  3. Honestly, i think we should each do a pre-heresy army and run a 30K campaign. We've got interest in salamanders, iron hands, world eaters, iron warriors, thousand sons, and probably a few others.

  4. Skarvald: So, didja get that Achillies? :)

    Mordian7th: Oh trust me, I've been keeping an eye on your Heresy-Era 1k Sons for a while now... along with all the other projects you have on the bench! Thanks for the link to Tempus Fugitives too. As you see below, a 30K style campaign wouldn't hurt my area's gaming group at all!

    Chrono: I don't disagree with you at all, my friend. Not one bit. We should bring it up next week to Doug. Unless Doug reads this before then...along with anyone else. :)

  5. @Tim: Heck yeah! Ordered the whole shebang and I cannot wait to get my Eastern European hands on it. It will be soooo glorious.
    I've been thinking of doing a pre-Heresy Space Wolves army myself. Grey Space Wolves.. hmmm..
    And I'm also aware of the Tempus Fugitives... and all I have to say is that it's mind-blowing. The detail, the fluff, the options.. They are all there. All of them. I wish I could be a part of a 30k campaign..