Friday, December 23, 2011

Darn You, Privateer Press ... Darn You to Heck

"But Tim, you love the P3 Formula paint line and sprays..."

So why am I cursing Privateer Press in a very heated, though censored for young age-friendly audiences, way?

For the most simple reason of all...they triggered my "Ooooh, Shiny!" reflex.

Travel back in the with me, if you will, about 3 years.  I was looking into possibly starting to play Warmachine and was debating on what faction to start with, as well as saving up for the rule books, etc.  I have always liked Steam Punk as a genre, so I figured Steam-Magic-punk would be fun, and the Iron Kingdoms setting fit the bill nicely.  A friend at work commissioned me to paint up a Cryx force for him, and I thought I had found the perfect opportunity to test out some of PP's figures while making a little cash on the side. 

What I found was the perfect reason to never pick up the game.  How?  Big effing Cryx Warjacks that were completely metal.  Sure I pinned them, with thick brass rod though and not my standard pinning wire, but I also vowed to never put these God-awful and unwieldy figure together ever again.

Then Privateer Press released their new resin/plastic figures, and a little of that former resolve wore away.  So I began looking into their converting guidelines, and found them to be so strict as to be off-putting to a heavy converter and modeler, in my opinion.  So once more I no up the hat of PP games and tried to not give it another thought.  Of course, they began to fix that for me as well with the Warjack kits that have multiple options in one kit...not completely do away with that concern, but help it at least.

Then at Adepticon 2011, PP gave away starter kits, with the resin/plastic figures no less, in the swag bags...Dangit.  AND it was Khador, which with some of their figures that I like, was doubly frustrating to that resolve not to start this game.  It was then I decided that if I was going to be tempted to try out the Warmachine waters, I'd really do some research into the factions of both Warmachine and Hordes and seriously pick apart the models of each to determine if there was a faction of models that I could live with not converting.  Khador fits that bill to some degree, but not enough to break that crumbling wall of resolve for good...

But Circle Orboros did...Dangit.  Well, at least their Warbeasts were pretty much all metal and I could try and shore up the breaches on that failing wall of mine, to continue the analogy.  So now my chosen faction was pretty much all metal and I could breath a sigh of relief, right?

Sure, right up until I caught sight of the above kit that lets you build their Heavy Warbeasts, the wolves at least, with options all out of one plastic-ish kit.  As soon as I saw that kit, my "Ooooh, Shiny!" reflex kicked in and I immediately thought "oh I've got to find the cash to go get that kit...". I've never had that reaction to a PP kit or model before.  Yeah, I'm probably doomed to start a Circle force and try and learn the game now, after that reaction.

And that brings me back full circle to my highly censored fit of cursing.

Considering my utter lack of knowledge when it comes to the Warma-Hordes game scene, anyone have any suggestions to start a Circle force with, besides the starter box of course, to get my toes wet with?  I like the entire model range for this faction, for the most part, so really this is more about folks would buy for a list.  I normally don't deal with lists or tactics in my articles, but I'm a PP game newb, and could use the help.

- Tim


  1. My friend and co-blogger Frozencoe Joe plays Circle and even though he has way more experience than me I have yet to beat him. You can literally have those big Werewolf dudes teleport in your face, wreck your face, eat your face and then teleport back to his caster where he can protect him/her. There are teleportation stone-shenanigans. And you can have a bunch of things have Stealth.. which is very frustrating for shooty-armies.

    Oh. And those Werewolves? They WILL destroy whatever they charge. It might require some buffs, proper positioning and what not, but more often than not, with some average rolling they just have all the tools to wreck even the sturdiest Khador Warjack.. Which is what I play.

    From what I understand the Oreboros box not the bes deal.. or at least my friend was telling me that it's not the smartest combo of models/casters.. and that it is less points that other boxes? I am not sure, I'm just saying what I THINK I remember..

  2. If you want to play abgame sometime to learn the mechanics of hordes just let me know. You can play my legion against one of my other factions to learn the rules. That will help you understand what you are looking at when determining what you want. Personally i think youll like kaysa, krueger, or the newest caster from domination.

  3. ahh I have so many random hordes wolves around to paint for fun. I love them!

  4. What I like about Warmahordes is that it really suits a new gamer who wants to build an army around the models he likes. Yes, there are some combos that work better together, and some great synergy, but you can play without building a list in this fashion.

    All you need to decide is which Warlock you like, and go from there. Yes, the battlebox is a good starting point, as it contains all you need to play for a good price, but after that, pick what you like, it'll all play together.

    That's how I started out many years ago with WM, and I still don't buy models I don't like the look of, even of they are super on the table. I've never once felt the need to buy htem, and I win more games than I lose. What's more, I have fun whilst I'm doing it.

    Also, welcome to Warmahordes. You won't regret it.