Sunday, September 4, 2011

Black Templar Chaplain Conversion

The Black Templars were really my first true army. The first one I ever built from the ground up and took pride in.

And then I sold it.

Yes, yes I know. Even though the funds from that sale made my Centurions possible, I still regret that decision somewhat. At the same time, though, I really dove into converting head-first with this army. Today I'm showcasing the Chaplain from it.

First we'll play "Name That Bit!". Here they are all, see if you can spot them...

Grey Knight Justicar Legs
Warsmith arm
Chaos Plasma Pistol
Model Boat Chain
MkVIII Sgt. chest
Inquisitor bit 1(the skull reliquary on this chest... Still don't know where that came from)
Coteaz's Hammer
Banner topper
Fantasy Chaos Warrior Head
Jump Pack
Inquisitor Bit 2 (the crux on his back...)
Metal Book from Veteran Marine
Green Stuff
Sprue Bits

I think that about covers it. Though sometimes having an extensive Bitz box is confusion as to things origins (hence the inquisitor bits 1 and 2). Why the heck I used a metal jump pack, I have no idea, but the metal Justicar legs were a great pose for this figure, and also the reason why I bought my jewelers saw.

The base was made of some slate I got from taking a hammer to a slate tile I picked up at the hardware store for a couple bucks, and some Evergreen plasticard tile sheets, with some ballast placed discretely, and static grass for finish.

This model was so much fun to piece together... At the time, which was about 2006, this was the most extensive work I'd ever done to a single figure. Heck, I had never even touched Green Stuff before this army, let alone sculpted full, flowing capes and fur!!

Of course, that's partly my point right there, which I'll expound on at a later date I'm sure. There is nothing daunting about conversions or Green Stuff work, if you just get your feet wet and learn, you can pull off some amazing things. And you'll only get better from there.

- Tim


  1. Ace work, the cloke and fur are especially nice.

  2. I believe the skull reliquary is from Inquisitor Eisenhorn.

    The conversion looks great, though if you can handle a little criticism, something about the cloak in the 2nd picture doesn't look right. I suspect it's that it's basically waved in two of the three dimensions. It doesn't look wrong in the other two photos though, so perhaps it's just a trick of the angle? Or maybe I'm just being picky...

  3. I knew that bit was Inquisitor-Based... just not that Inquisitor :P :)

    I can handle the criticism, and thanks for providing it. I always welcome constructive comments about my work, it's the best way I improve.

    I think its a combination of a trick of the angle, and the fact that beyond the multiple curls in the cloak, there is no real depth to the sculpt. I need to bring my cloaks back into a bit of realism in their construction instead of just worrying about dynamic waves.

  4. Yeah, I'd seen you knew it was INQ based, and I have the bit at home, but have never played INQ, so curiousity got the best of me. As a result, I went and searched and figured you'd want to know the answer.

    I s'pose I should've asked if you if you wanted feedback first, so I'm sorry about that--but glad it worked out.

  5. nope... you never have to ask if I want feedback!! No one needs to. I wouldn't put my stuff out there if I didn't want and need the feedback to grow :)

    And yes, I was extremely interested in knowing where that friggin bit came from. thought now I'm a little dismayed at the figure I have to buy if I ever want another :P

  6. that would be a commander dante jump pack, pretty unique too.