Friday, September 11, 2015

Remembering 9/11, Those Lost and Those Who've Lost

I may have been a little absent from the blog for the past two weeks (which will change by the way, I have a lot of stuff planned for this little corner of the internet), but I wanted to ask that we take a moment to remember this day.

Be you an citizen of the U.S.A. or not, I ask that you remember the lives lost, the sacrifices made, and the loved ones who still wake up on this date every year in mourning.  Not for political reasons, and not because you agree or disagree whatever your religious beliefs are or aren't.  I ask because I believe the gaming community I'm a part of is a good one to the core of who they are despite our myriad of differences, and this was a tragedy that did not have to happen.

If you comment, comment in a way to honor those lost and who've lost as this is a memorial posting.

- Tim

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