Friday, August 7, 2015

GenCon 2015 Infinity Seminar, Part 2

Starting the second half of this Seminar Recap, let's dive into the Concept Art and keep rolling!

We begin with how the Azra'il ACTUALLY FITS IN HIS ARMOR and move from there...

New Tohaa love...

PanO and the Stingray Series of TAGs!!

New Combined Drones, New Yu Jing and a NEW GUIJA TAG!!

New Designations for Fireteams, a NEW type of Fireteam, and new Hacking Devices/Troops!

Some Sectorials are moving from N3 Human Sphere to Acheron Falls...

So what could the new Sectorials for N3 Human Sphere be?!?!  You know, beyond USARF...

There you have it folks :)  Trust me, if you haven't yet, go watch it on Doremicom's channel!

- Tim

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