Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Infinity Tables at the Midwest Massacre!

Infinity is one of the most terrain-intensive games out there right now.  Each table can vary in density, height and available cover so that no two tables are really ever alike.  Personally I find this not only refreshing, but also a very real part of the tactics of each game as well.  You could play the exact same mission on 3 different tables, and you would play the mission 3 different ways!

John and the Chicago crew have assembled a truly awe-inspiring amount of quality terrain for Infinity, and the tables at the Midwest Massacre showcase it!

I'd also like to mention before I get to the pictures of each table, that John was very particular and dedicated to making sure the tables were set up in a way that really gave each game a deep level of immersion, all the while maintaining an extremely high level of playability.  Check them out!

I learned a lot from John and the Chicago crew this past weekend.  How to make some of this terrain, as well as how to set it up!  I have a tendency to go over the top when I set a table up, and while it may look cool, it doesn't always led itself well to playability at times.  I'm looking forward to applying what I've learned at the next local game day here in the Gateway Region!

Stay tuned for a recap of the Massacre!

- Tim


  1. Thanks for posting these. Terrain heavy tables are always cool to look at, even if you do not play the game.

    I particularly like the table with the Plasticville buildings, as it seems to be more affordable than all that MDF...

    1. The MDF can definitely be pricy depending on who you're ordering from, that's for sure. I'll say this though, the most affordable terrain? The desert-esque tables with the square buildings and roofs edged in bright colors. Those are built from gift/craft boxes with the lids flipped upside-down. Really works well!

  2. Wow those really are some pretty tables!

    How did the sponsoring go?

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  5. Always love love love seeing the infinity tables. They are always so gorgeous!