Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Adepticon 2015: Final Thoughts and Future Thoughts for 2016

Pictured above, you see Carl from the Independent Characters Podcast, myself, and John from The Overlords Podcast.  No, I may not play 40K right now, but I love the universe, and these two guys' podcasts, along with their bevy of cohosts, really make me continue to hope for the game, and help keep my core interest in the game alive.  If you don't listen to them yet, go now and start.

Adepticon 2015 was a blast.  To be more specific, it was the most fun I've had at an Adepticon in a long time, and I attribute that to the sheer amount of new things that went on for me over the course of the weekend.

…though it's hard to call it a "weekend" any more with be being there for 5 days!

Looking Back at 2015:
As I mentioned more times than I care to go back and count, this year was a huge year of firsts for both myself and Adepticon.  The enjoyment of seeing friends you really only get to see once or twice a year is always great, as is raising a toast to those who weren't present with us this time around. 

There is never enough time to do everything you want to do, and always more to do than there is time in the day!  This year I chose to focus on Infinity as the main crux of my convention experience, and I really have very little regrets in that, seeing as the schedule truly allowed me the time to hang out with friends still.  I even had the opportunity to take a 2-brush blending class with Meg Maples on the last day of the 'con, which opened my eyes to a new way of painting that before I felt was out of reach for me.  Just goes to show that if you push yourself and break out of your comfort zone, all the intimidating things just turn into challenges to overcome.

Looking at the new venue, it's going to work out just fine.  There's so much to explore in the surrounding area that I think it'll keep people happy for years to come.  The space for the convention itself was open, and not once did I hear people say that they felt claustrophobic, crammed in or any other unpleasantness that normally comes with so many people playing in one place.  This was evident in peoples good moods and more relaxed natures throughout the weekend, and even on Sunday when people can be the grumpiest!  All in all a great time that went by much too fast.

The Swag Bag was friggin amazing this year!!  SO MUCH STUFF!  Springing for the ViG ever since they started the program at Adepticon hasn't let me down yet, and this was a banner year for the sheer about of things we got!

Looking Ahead to 2016:
The biggest thing I want to change about my experience from 2015 to 2016 is to compete in the Crystal Brush competition once more.  Because of freelance work, commissions and life in general, I just wasn't able to even start a piece, much less put together a piece I would be proud of.  My goal isn't to win, though that would be nice sure, my goal is to do better.  To beat my own previous entries.  No, I'm not talking about giving myself my own personal participation award, I'm talking about challenging myself to be better each time.  But hey, enough of that soapbox, point is I want to enter some things into the things.

I'll actually participate in one less Tournament next year for Infinity.  Probably.  What will I fill that space with?  Who knows!  Probably a seminar or two, and maybe one of the night games that everyone had some much fun with like the TAG Rumble, or the Motorcycle Race. 

…Maybe even a 30K event?  Okay, probably not, but I already have quote a bit done for 30K, and have good friends playing in it next year, so it could be a blast if I was able to.

I want to do more with friends I don't get to see enough.  I was so worn out after three straight days of tournaments, when I walked to the Screaming Heretic Party on Saturday night, I literally turned around and went to bed.  I was BEAT.  I wanted to go to that so much too.

Can we make Adepticon a week-long thing?  Anyone?  I think that's the only way I will fit it all in!  To be honest, the only thing I'l change next year for certain is being able to enter something into the Crystal Brush competition.  Everything else is up in the air, and I'm okay with that.

So for those of you who weren't able to make it, I'm sorry I missed you, and here's hoping to see you next year at Adepticon!  (if we don't run into each other before then first, of course.)

 - Tim


  1. Seriously...is it time for adepticon 2016 yet? Had such a blast. I recommend it to everyone! I crashed around 2am at that party..it went to 5am.

    1. WOW, 5am?? I mean, sheesh.. I regret not making it, btu I wouldn't have made it to even 2am :P