Friday, July 25, 2014

Gen Con Bound!

Guess what arrived in the mail?! GUESS!!

Yup, that would be both mine and my wife's Gen Con badges! It'll be my first ever Gen Con, and I can't wait. I'm not even playing in anything and I'm ecstatic to get there!

Yes you read that right, I'm not playing in anything AND my wife is coming with me. So what will I be doing?

Quite a lot, actually:

Painting Competitions!
I'll be submitting at least 4 entries into the MHE Painting Competition, and 2 into the P3 Grandmaster Competition. The 4 for the MHE Competition will be my Salamanders Contemptor Ironclad, a squad of 5 Salamander Tactical Marines, a squad of my Centurions Cavalry and a single Inquisitor figure. For the P3 one, I'm painting up a Khador Juggernaut, and a Khador Battle Mechanik Officer. Yes, the Warmachine figures are both brand new, and the MHE entries are all things that are technically done. However, those pieces were done to a high-tabletop standard. My main goal here is to push myself past that and see what it would really take to do so on those figures. The P3 entries will be my nice and shiny new entries. I'll of course start posting progress on these next week.

While I did not sign up for anything, I have plans to stop in at the Infinity room and meet some folks from MayaCast, The Krug, the Illinois Infinity FB group, and more. I'd like to watch a game or two, and if there's a demo open with someone who doesn't show, maybe I can slip in. Infinity is very quickly becoming a large focus in my hobby time and interests and I want to dive head-first into the community.

Vendor Hall!
I plan on visiting quite a few companies this year. Namely the WarStore and Secret Weapon Miniatures, Infinity and Forge World. I've got the Gen Con Operation: Icestorm to buy along with the limited edition figures from Infinity, and a stop by Forge World (hopefully) to pick up Vulkan and the Firedrake Terminators. My stop by WarStore and Secret Weapon is to Demo some games…games that I may or may not have a creative involvement in. No more to be said yet on this, but rest assured that I'll plaster it up once I can.

Yes, I think this is it's own entry as I've never been before. I fully expect to drink in the atmosphere and geek out at a convention I've wanted to go to since I was in college.

Time With the Wife!
This is actually going to be the first time her and I have gotten away together without our son since he was born. I'm still in shock she agreed to come to Gen Con with me for this trip, but of course I've had to promise a fair bit of time to just her and I. We'll probably go to the Zoo, walk the Canal, maybe hit a museum and a nice Dinner or two.

…plus she has her own badge so she can get con-exclusive stuff too. Hee Hee.

Who's going to Gen Con this year? Anyone? C'mon folks and speak up, I'd love to meet anyone I can!

- Tim


  1. I wish.... (Though I do have a sneaky ninja set to bring me a thing or two back from the Con.)

    So lucky that the good lady wife is going with you though. Mine would blanch at the idea! :)

    1. All of my family and friend's wives are thinking she's nuts for going...but hey, she married me right? :)

  2. I have attended the last 10+ GenCons and it is a blast! Be prepared to be completely overwhelmed. The dealers hall is immense and can take a full day to soak it all in. The limited edition stuff at GenCon sells out very very quickly so I would suggest making that a priority if there is stuff you really have to have.

    There are several excellent food options close to the convention center. There are also several streets that have some exceptional food trucks. The Ram Brewery does a themed menu which is fun.

    My best advice would be wear good shoes and expect some long waits in line for some things, you are there with 50k other geeks and nerds. I would also suggest covering your GenCon id numbers on your badge when posting pictures of the badges, people can access your GenCon accounts with those numbers.

    Hope this info is helpful. Have fun!

    1. GAH! Image changed! Image Changed!!! Thanks David :) Your advice is very much appreciated, and more than helpful. wife may be spending more time at the con than she originally thought ;)

  3. Tim my man, totally Jazzed to hear you're going! I'll be there as well - we should definitely get together and grab lunch and a pint one of the days we're out there! I still have your number, I'll give you a ring and we can figure out a place to meet up.

    As David mentioned, good comfortable shoes are a must - I made the mistake of taking a new pair that hadn't been properly broken in a couple years back and was in agony with all the walking around. Will not make that mistake again.

    Cheers bud!

    1. Hey man! That's awesome :) We should definitely do lunch at the least at some point! We're staying out of the city to help with costs, and will be driving in every day.

      Right, that's 2 now saying to wear good shoes. If I don't, you both have full rights to tell me "I told you so". :)

  4. Have fun and don't forget to check out the Infinity stuff. I'll be there next year :-)

  5. Oh I'll be all over the Infinity stuff :)

    You going to go next year?? Sweet! I have my doubts that Teresa will want to go again, so maybe we can room together next year.