Friday, May 23, 2014

Podcasts…Where the !@#$ have I been?!

Seriously. I am fully aware that Podcasting has been a thing for quite some time now. Wikipedia has the start of Podcasting circa 2004-2005 or so, but for some backwards reason, I only began really listening to Podcasts about a month ago.

Why? Well, honestly it was because I wanted more information about Infinity, and Mayacast had just started. Then once down that rabbit hole, I discovered so many Podcasts that I felt like I had been living in a cave for the past few years, finally having seen the light of day. Heck, I've cancelled my SiriusXM subscription because I haven't listened to it since subscribing to so many Podcasts.

So what do I listen to?

Tom Schadle and Kip Parcell put on one heck of a polished show with Infinity the Game in the center spotlight. With hobby updates, news and rumors, figure reviews, lists and tactics, this is a great show if you love Infinity, want to know more about Infinity, or want to deepen your knowledge about the game. Their first episode was fairly freeform, but their second was much more refined with segments and focus. I can't recommend this one enough.

The Independent Characters
Carl Tuttle has a cast of rotating co-hosts that he works with. Again, this is a highly polished show that Carl runs, with Warhammer 40K as it's main focus. They maintain a solid focus and defined structure that makes listening to this show a pleasure. Very informative and fun, and I look forward to each episode.

The Screaming Heretic
The Screaming Heretic Crew is an eclectic bunch, and I mean that in the most positive way possible! Their personalities come through not just in their speech, but in their interaction with each other and their own nicknames! They also are some of the largest advocates of the gaming community that I have ever heard. They make no bones about their opinions, and yet stay extremely informative and fun in their presentation. Be aware that at times their language is not safe for young ones though.

Forge the Narrative
Paul Murphey, Mike Haspil, Rob Baer and Kenny Boucher put on this particular podcast, and it is the official podcast for Bell of Lost Souls. Eye-opening in it's information on tactics and lists in 40K, if you want to learn how to play the game better, listen to these gentlemen. It can be a little difficult to listen to at times, only because some of the hosts call in to be a part of it, but it can be gotten used to.

Signals from the Frontline
Reese and Frankie from Frontline Gaming are the hosts here, and this show comes out twice a week! It's only about 30-40 minutes long, but they cover new releases in a variety of games, and at least one list assessment a show, with frequent interviews. Refreshing with the shorter length and quick-fire shows, I enjoy this one.

The Krug
The guys at The Krug Podcast focus on Infinity the Game. Naming themselves after the gathering of the Nomads within the Infinity universe stories, they drink beer and have a good time chatting about their favorite game. Thankfully they just got some new sound recording equipment, and their sound quality is getting better, though some need to talk into the mics more. I will say that the organization of their format need some refining, but their last episode was their best one so far I think.

Romeo Filip and Kip Parcell run this one, and again, it's focus is Infinity. Seeing a pattern yet? Regardless, their last couple episodes have been a bit more flighty than their previous ones, and I hope that improves. Regardless, still some good information here.

I've linked to each Podcast's website AND Facebook Page. Go check them out!

Its funny that I'm finally really listening to these, and am already becoming somewhat of a sound-quality snob. I enjoy shows with better sound quality. it helps me understand the hosts and really just makes the overall polish of the podcast so much better. What I'd like to do is start to highlight blogs and podcasts in singular posts to really give each a moment in the spotlight in a way, giving a much more in depth review and editorial on them.

So what does everyone listen to? What are some suggestions for this young listener?

- Tim
(edited to actually LINK the links.)


  1. All the stuff I listen to is up there except for Jaded Gamercast. Two former GW guys living up in the great north. They drink while podcasting so the ends get to be hilarious!

    O-12 is definitely changing. Mayacast is what O-12 used to be. But I highly recommend that anyone getting into Infinity listen to O-12 from the being since their early asked are great on teaching you how to play.

    1. I'll have to give Jaded Gamercast a shot :) THanks Casey :)

  2. Along with the podcasts' mentioned above, I listen to the 11th Company Podcast- Neil and Company put on a good show and talk about competitive gaming. I also listen to 40K Global (previously 40K UK). Dave, Franco, and BJ offer their take on competitive 40K in the UK (this happens to be one of my faves).
    Take a listen and let me know what you think!

    1. I've read some good things abotu 11th Company :) I'll give 40K global a shot too :) Many thanks sir :)

  3. I would add Podhammer and Bad Dice for the Fantasy crowd. Otherwise I listen to MayaCast, Krug, and O-12 too with MayaCast being my favorite of the three. Tom and Kip are awesome.

    1. Podhammer has covered the Fantasy Championships at Adepticon in the past...should have remembered them!

  4. News from the front by Wwpd and beyond the foxholes from breakthrough assault are both great for flames of war.

    1. You know, Podcasts aren't a half bad way to look into new games either. I say that because I've never personally played FoW, and would be interested to listen to an episode or two.

  5. Thanks for the call out of The Independent Characters and I am glad that you have finally discovered Podcasts :P

    It always surprises me when I come across someone that hasn't found this amazing avenue of entertainment (which is, for the most part, free!).

    Completely agree with your assessment of sound quality as well. There are many studies out there that show how sound quality is more important than visual quality as well. In a medium that is specific to the audio format (again for the most part), sound quality is SO critical.

    Thanks again!

    1. Always happy to give a shout out to those who help further the community, contribute something worthwhile, and have fun doing it :)

      Yeah I know I'm WAY behind the 8-ball here when it comes to podcasts. I'm not a fan of talk radio, and I figured that because of that, I wouldn't like podcasts. Turns out I couldn't have been more wrong :P

      It's good to hear from an actual podcast that they too think sound quality is important! I know good sound boards and recording equipment can be expensive, but it's definitely worth it!

  6. For just general gamer goodness, you have to throw in the one I'd consider the 'Grand Daddy' : The d6 Generation (D6G) Great stuff in there and always very well done. I guess 150+ episodes will do that...