Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tired of Hobby Resolutions?

I know I am.

Looking back to this time last year, and what I had wanted to accomplish…I never did finish those Necrons I started. I also didn't enter more competitions, or competition pieces, as even though I painted more figures, it was for a single category. With the release of the Tau, and more Heresy goodness, I know I didn't avoid the "Ooooh, Shiny!" Syndrome.

I never seem to put up a winning average when it comes to New Year Hobby Resolutions, so I've decided to forego any this year in lieu of something a little different.

So what do I have planned?

This year, I'm going to break out of my nice and comfy hobby shell I've cocooned myself in. What do I mean? Well, take this blog for example. I haven't changed it's look, or added to it's functionality at all in nearly 3 years since I started it! Sure, it works just fine, but wouldn't it be more useful if I properly indexed and tagged my posts so that they can be searchable? What about some galleries of pieces I've done, videos, tutorials and armies? What if, God forbid, I actually branch out and bring back something I've missed in the community in the form of blog spotlights, to bring more awareness to those out there with some serious hobby chops that maybe you've never seen before?

Heaven forbid I actually contemplate a forum completely devoted to Painting, Modeling and Blogging…

And that's just some ideas I have with the Blog and the interwebz itself!

I need to get some use out of the airbrush I bought, and get over this weird stigma I have with trying it for the first time. I'm going to make mistakes. That's the reality of the situation, now I need to accept that and move on to finally utilize this amazing tool.

I also will be pushing myself in terms of sculpting, both with green stuff and in the 3D world. In fact, I've already begun some exercises that should come to fruition later this year.

I'll be drawing digitally a lot more. Yes, that means you'll get to see more of my sci-fi and grim-dark illustrations, as well as some fantasy ones. Don't worry, it'll all be hobby-related to keep on track with the blog.

Finally, I want to really sink my teeth into Infinity, learn the system, paint and model more than just my staple GW bread and butter.

Notice how the largest chunk of this was devoted to pushing the limits of this blog? I've had my feet in the water of the blogosphere for long enough. It's time to get in the pool.

I'm sure some of you may be thinking that much of this looks suspiciously like resolutions. I'll even admit that they do. However, rest assured, they aren't. Why not? See, resolutions don't typically have a plan associated with them. Mainly just good intentions of accomplishing something beneficial to ones self, or another. This time I'm actually planning this out, and am going to make it happen.

How has your new year gone so far?

- Tim


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  1. I didn't make any resolutions this year, but I like the one you have about straying from GW. I did that last year (kind of by accident) and man did it help my painting. My wallet hurts a bit, but I grew my skills in leaps and bounds by painting everything from SDE chibi minis to old OOP Rackham minis. And yes, start using that airbrush!!! It's just another tool and will help you immensity with bigger projects, terrain even pre-shading an blending on little minis too. Finally, I would encourage you to join C'MON if you are interested in a great community who can help out out with the sculpting and painting improvement goals. All the best with your hobby and blog this year. I can't wait to see what you bring us!