Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How Many Spanish Inquisition Jokes Are There?

I mean, seriously? It was comedy gold when first spoofed by Monty Python back in 1970, and it still garners a chuckle whenever I hear someone say at a well-timed moment today. I absolutely love the Spanish Inquisition models by Victoria Miniatures, and have come up with every excuse in the book to buy them and paint them for myself.

However, there is such a thing as a dead horse, and I do believe the blogosphere has severely beaten it to a mangled pulp lately with the upcoming Codex: Inquisition. You can't browse the interwebz lately without tripping over either a title invoking the Spanish Inquisition, or the oft-linked to models that Victoria Miniatures put out. Enough is enough, people! We get it, there is many an opportunity to coin that phrase lately, and will be next week as well…but please do try and come up with something more original? Your readers will thank you for it, trust me.

*steps down off his well-worn soap box*

There. That being said, let's discuss my excitement and modeling hopes and dreams for the upcoming codex!

I have always said that if GW ever makes a Codex for either the Mechanicus or the Inquisition as a whole, I would cry tears of joy and my wallet would cry tears of loss. Looks like one of the two is actually coming to fruition! Why am I looking forward to this so much? Honestly, for the same reason I loved putting together my Inquisitor and Retinue for Golden Demon earlier this year. The amount of diversity in subject matter is ripe to keep those of us with Hobby ADD from either straying, or getting bogged down with monotony. And the number of possibilities for conversion, sculpting and modeling unique figures, and quite frankly whole armies, is mind boggling! I know I typically don't report or write about this, but it's very pertinent to the hobby side of things, and eagerly anticipated by me, that I couldn't leave it go any longer.

Add on top of that the hints/leaks that each Ordos will be getting not only their own Warlord Traits, BUT that you can use your Inquisitor as your Warlord regardless if he is in your primary or allied attachment, and you have some serious story elements that now translate to gameplay. That's a wonderful accomplishment in my opinion. Black Library slipped a touch with their description of the ebook codex and let out that this book can ally with Marines, Guard, and certain Xenos races. Radical Ordos Xenos Inquisitor, here I come! If they bring the Deathwatch kill teams back as a unit in this book, I may have to go have a lie down to calm my excitement.

I've gathered every screenshot of previews and whatnot I could find from the iBooks store, Black Library, White Dwarf Daily, and GW Digital's Facebook page. I thought I'd be a nice thing to have them all in one place. If anyone finds anything else, drop a link in the comments below.

Who else is excited for this???

- Tim



  1. even if they don't have deathwatch you can still use the space marine codex and have two squads of scouts (they can be modeled to look like storm troopers or some such) and that gives you access to the elites - Sternguard = Deathwatch! You can then ally with xenos as your ally slot. I am also thinking of making an Inq using the female guardian body, green stuff etc with a female head from statesgue minatures, think it will fit the body better than the larger imp heads...

  2. Is it safe to assume you will be making a kill team with this codex for Adepticon?