Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Birthday Contest Winner and a Surprise!

And the winner is....


As per tradition, started last year, I made my wife pick a random number between 1 and 18 for each person who entered. I sure as heck couldn't pick as I have my favorites just based on the subject matter for the artwork each of you proposed! Now, Eldrad playing guitar, riding on a Wave Serpent isn't exactly my first choice...but that's only because Eldrad is a personal tabletop bane of mine!

Congratulations, SeerKarandras!! Shoot me an email and we can get the process started for the illustration.

Now for the surprise!

I loved so many of the ideas and concepts proposed for the artwork from each of you, that I've decided to pull from all of them as I draw, sketch and paint over the next few months. Especially as I am going on vacation into the middle of nowhere the first week of July! SeerKarandras' will be the first and a priority for me as he is the contest winner, then I will begin just working on the subjects proposed as they strike my fancy, and in no particular order.

Thanks for all the support throughout the past two years, folks. While I get some personal satisfaction running and writing this blog, I get more by contributing to my community and hearing from all of you. I'll keep the articles and project reports coming, and you folks just keep reading my commenting!

- Tim



  1. Forgot to say this in your last post, but keep up the good work Tim! Thanks again for the cookies at Adepticon!

  2. Congrats SeerKarandras! Tim, this was a pretty cool and unique little contest and I'm really looking forward to seeing the results.

  3. Congrats SeerKarandras! Definitely looking forward to seeing the art, Tim - always appreciated and inspiring!