Friday, January 11, 2013

James Wappel Painting DVDs Kickstarter!

So I've backed a couple Kickstarters before without really covering them here, though I wish I would have.  Specifically Studio McVey's Sedition Wars and the Free Mars graphic novel from Dave Pauwels and Nic Giacondino (better known as Aerion the Faithful to those who are a fan of his artwork).  Honestly, the only reason I didn't cover them is because of my own unthinking excitement to be a part of them, without thinking of promoting them here.

So why preach the word about Jim's Kickstarter? Well, beyond the fact that him and Cathy are some seriously nice folks and amazingly talented painters…

I wanna learn how to paint like he does!

Seriously.  I've had multiple conversations with him, and by the way he talks, he makes some of the more complicated ideas I have about painting seem so simple.  I want to learn from him on how to push my painting past where I am now and into that next level of quality and eye-popping detail.

He's got this philosophy of the "Painting Pyramid" in how he looks at levels of not just difficulty, but really how he progresses from a primed figure to a finished one.  He picks apart those key painting methods and how-tos that we all want to know, and is showing us his techniques in how they work. 

What makes this different than, say, some of the other painting DVDs that we've seen from CMoN?  For me, it's the fact that I've met Jim.  He teaches regularly at Adepticon in seminars, which I would encourage any of you to take by the way, and learning first-hand from someone is key for me.  The ability I would now have to pause, rewind and watch him do something, while explain how he is doing it, over and over is an amazing tool for improving and learning.  Especially since if I did that in person, I wouldn't blame him if it put a brush in my eye ;) 

Go check out his blog, James Wappel Miniature Painting.

Then go check out his Kickstarter, Discover the Painting Pyramid with James Wappel.

Throw money his way folks, many already have, and pick out your reward.  You will not be sorry.

- Tim


  1. Im with you Tim..... This is Vwery cool I backed withing 30 mins of him getting approved!!!

  2. I have totally backed this! I honestly think one of the best ways to learn a new technique is to see it in real time. I'm actually giddy over this one ;)

  3. I'm in like Flynn on this!! I love James work. I'm looking forward to these videos.

  4. Many thanks Tim! And to everyone who is helping make this crazy dream reality!!

    1. Happy to give the shout-out, Jim :) It's a great project, and considering the wide-spread knowledge-base that you are providing, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone!

      I've said it before, but seriously, the hardest part is choosing what to get!!

  5. Kickstarters like this one are more than just a product to me. Sure there's some money to be made, it'd be silly not to, but the way Jim's set this up really keeps the community in mind, I think.

    Thanks to those who've backed it! Those who haven't, I dare you to go look at the hoard of DVDs that Jim is putting out and find something you either DON'T need to learn, or couldn't do better at.