Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dark Future Games: Community Growth and Outreach

How many times have you all read and/or heard me address the topic on how bloggers do what we do because of the community we are a part of? The fact that, if there wasn't a community to be a part of and to contribute to, we'd all wallow to some degree in our hobby, and the leaps and bounds that many have been a part of in our abilities wouldn't happen nearly as quickly, if at all in some cases?

Community is what being a blogger, and reading said blogs is all about. Well, Dark Future Games is stepping up along this line of thought and action...

Old School Terminator and all of DFG wants to go beyond just being a part of the community, and is taking steps to unite our hobby community in their own way. Check out the post here:

Building a Better Hobby: The DFG Community Project

And check out the new Facebook group here:

Dark Future Games on Facebook

This isnt limited to Facebook though! I won't copy and paste OST's entire article from the blog here, I'd like you to go read his words and really understand the passion for the kind of community he wants to help build.

Is this going to take the place of another community group you may be a part of? No, of course not. Will it pull you away from your favorite forums? Probably not. However I do believe there is the potential here to pull together and truly create another, very strong presence within the blogosphere, Facebook, and face to face that can do nothing but benefit each and every one of us. Tutorials from bloggers and non-bloggers alike, discussions and critiques that help build each other up and help us grow as painters, sculptors and gamers, and communications that don't have to end with blogging comments, but can be ongoing!

I'm excited for this next step DFG is taking. I'm also inviting you to take it with us.

- Tim



  1. I recently came across DFG from a friend in work, to many hours trawling for painting ideas. They have a good set up and and i'm liking what they are trying to do, although i don't blog myself, i do have a favorites list that runs into the hundreds now so a site that's trying to combine everyone into one place is really appealing to me plus it also makes me feel that i might be able to contribute by offering the more obscure blogs to link on the site.

    Your blog has a similar knack of making me interact it seems to be the main one i comment on.

    1. Late in replying, however I am immensely thankful for the fact that not only are you enjoying DFG, but that you enjoy interacting on my own blog :)

      Please, feel free not only to contribute with DFG, but if you think I need to see something, let me know that too!!