Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Doesn't Always Mean Good

Everyone knows by now that here are two topics I tend to shy away from on my blog: Rumors and Tactical Articles. There are times though, when I will do anything I can to find a reason to throw the new hotness up and write an article on it. Case in point, the "Ooooh, Shiny!" Syndrome article came when the new Ogre Kingdoms models were released. The new models gave me an inspiration for a playful series of articles, and an excuse to toss up the new pictures of models I just had to own.

The new Chaos models are no different, but for the first time in a long time, the new models haven't triggered my "Ooooh, Shiny!" response...

Now just because they didn't trigger an instant want to own them, does that mean they are poor models? No, absolutely not. The models overall are intricately detailed and offer an amazing continuation of the new feel Chaos Marines received with the Dark Vengeance box set. I'm honestly thrilled for Chaos players, as they finally get an array of models that aren't just loyalists with some spiky bits tacked on. Personally though, these new models are a mixed bag for me.

The Helldrake

I just can't get past it…it reminds me of the Doom Wing of ye olden days of Epic. A weird, amalgamated mass of machine and mutated, demonic biology that only the warp could make sense of. I'm very much hoping that this one, kind of shiny magazine picture is discoloring the potential of this model for me, because I'm not impressed. Where are it's legs…how does it land…why did someone bob it's tail???

The Forge and Mauler Fiends

Ahh yes, the new demonic walkers. Believe it or not, I'm actually okay with these. Especially the Maulerfiend. They make no pretense about what they are supposed to be, and I can easily see the conversion possibilities for Demon Princes and the like. Maybe its because I didn't know about these particular additions to the chaotic arsenal, and therefore had no preconceived notions about how they were supposed to look. The sculpts are dynamic and give a breath of fresh/foul air to the army.

The Warptalons

No. Just…Just no. It's too much. The models are crazy busy with detail and it feels like they added spikes, barbs and horns where ever possible, just to fill up room. Another reason I'm unimpressed with these models is from a converter's standpoint. I'm afraid they did with these what they did with the Grey Knight models in that they made the kits so specific, reposing will be a nightmare and I hate having the same 5 models repeating in my force, no matter how good the sculpts are.

The Warpsmith

I'm a sucker for anything Mechanics, including Techmarines of either flavor. I think this is a poor picture and can't wait to see one up close. I'm really hoping it's a plastic kit, but I'd settle for Finecast. The conversion possibilities that I see with this figure are numerous and even though I don't play Chaos, I'll buy one. 'Nuff said.

Ultimately, I'll wait to see non-glared, first-hand pictures and models to render final judgement, but I'm really not chomping at the bit to go buy these…well, except for the Warpsmith.

What about you? Are you dying to get your hands on these new kits, or do you find yourself wondering what all the hype was about?

- Tim



  1. Excelent pointof view, i dont do chaos because of personal choice but f that POV didnt existed they would still didnt trigger the purchase instinct

  2. I'm in agreement. GW cultists were a slam-dunk. These models just like, well, dumb to me. As dumb as the Space Marine guppy-flyer thing.

    Guess that means I'll be buying FW Helltalons to support my cultist horde.....

  3. Excellent thoughts on the new kits!
    I myself like all except for the Helldrake.
    It just seems so odd to me.
    I would rather see a plastic kit for Helltalons than a huge daemon/bat/plane.

  4. Thank the dark gods. I thought I was the only one with a meh reaction. I hope its just the pictures but I just don't see myself jumping for these. I don't play anything but I love to paint and build and these just don't stir my creative side at all. I was actually a bit sad. Again, hoping its just the pics cause the DV set is awesome and got me all nerd giddy and hobby happy.

  5. The only plusses I can see on these coming from a nurgle marines collector/painter, etc is that at least Chaos has new things. Shame they look mostly like their style suits Chaos Uninspiring or Bland Legion more than offering options for the rest of the varied appearances Chaos can offer.

    Now, this is purely from a "looking at these pictures" point of view. The models in person could blow me away once I see them at my LGS. Time will tell.

  6. I feel the same about the new models. I was really excited for them. I don't really like any of them. The Warptalons look like transformers. Something about the new way of taking pictures makes them look like Hasbro toys or something. They may end up being better than the pictures are showing them to be.

  7. One thing that GW doesn't do well is to give their models justic with the pictures; but really, making something that is 3d into 2d and expecting it to be as awesome is a very difficult task. Everytime I have my contemptors out people are like "Oh, those are actually pretty cool models..."

    I expect nothing less for this chaos stuff. I'm going off how sick the Chosen are from the Dark Vengence set...these things are going to be insane looking on the table.

    I'll be getting a warpsmith just because I too love the techmarine stuff.

  8. Well Tim... seems we're on the same wavelength. They look a bit like kids toys to me, as I think Cameron mentioned above. I'll hold off savaging them until I see them in the store and my local manager goes over the top with his sales pitch and tells me how they're the best miniatures the company has EVER released! You know, like every new release. :P

  9. I'm sold, i love them. i want to see them in person too, but we have got to remember White Dwarf has supposedly changed its photography style and magazine material so that may account for the poor photo's (new paper and all that). Also would like to see the rest of the helldrake because im sure i can see more claws at the back suggesting it might just be a funny angle.

  10. Yeah I have the same reaction to these - not registering on my new/shiny meter at all. Which is good for my wallet frankly :)

  11. Naftka on Faeit has even more pics up now take a look.


  12. I'll have to look at more pictures, but I agree. The Flyer will sell because Chaos doesn't have a Flyer, but ultimately I'll probably get some Forgeworld Flyers. The Demon Engines and other new stuff will sell because they'll make the rules favourable, or at least they would be smart too.

    I'm still not sure how best to use Cultists, the rumored Dark Apostles boost them and everything else that it will be hard to leave home without some Dark Apostles. I own plenty of painted and unpainted models, so I just want to see the new rules. Already it appears two of my Chaos Dreadnought models are trending towards illegally armed. I can't see using them much as Elite is going to be so crowded.

    I want to know the Nurgle rules in particular as well as what HQ allows what to be Troops. That is a major army selection consideration now. I'm strongly Anti-special character, but in order to do some themed lists you have to run one perhaps... As for the Dark Machanicus guy he seems overly busy, and again his rules and possibly competing for points and Elite slots may make him rarely seen.

    I like the Forgeworld Renegades and already started on an IA 7 army so I will do some cultists even if like pretty much every model I own they sit on a shelf or in a box as I just don't get the opportunity to play anymore...

  13. The new pictures on Faeit 212 show a set of raptors (or whatever they are called) with different feet, heads, and weapons. From what I can see, they look a lot better. I will hold off on final judgement till I see the models in person or with more pictures.

  14. I am overly cautious about the Dark Angel models when / if they come out. I just hope they do not give them too much 'bling', I have always viewed them as a simple no nonsense chapter, with the exception of their robes. I do not care for the DV models, the Deathwing Serg looks like a bunny with those silly wings on his head.

    I will say however that the Angron model looks awesome, and I weep for my bank account in the very near future.

  15. .../agree, so so agree...

    I know people claim chaos players will never be happy, but this is more transformers and less "chaos"!

    I want a plastic bloodslaughter, not these kits!

  16. Wow... I didn't even just flat out bash the models. I gave them all a fair shake, as much as I could, and the response is overwhelming.

    The discussion and comments make posts like these worthwhile for me to write, and I'm glad everyone got something out of it!

    Heck, I'm frankly surprised at the turn out of folks who aren't just going gaga over these models like it seems so many are!!

    1. I think it's an Emperors new clothes topic. I saw the new Chaos pics before they were seemingly plastered everywhere. I thought when I saw them (knowing the source) that they were 100% real and couldn't believe how bad they looked. I quite like my Chaos stuff normally, but this stuff was an instant no.

      I didn't want to do an article saying... meh... this is rank, because... well... it's me and I can be critical of GW, and I don't really want to be. Besides I figured they'd be enough people willing to do that for me from the start.

      So imagine my surprise when so many people were seemingly over the moon with the stuff. I started thinking 'wow, maybe I really do now have totally different tastes to everyone else. Then finally you and a few other started sticking your heads above the parapet and said what many were thinking.

      I'm told they don't get much better in flesh. But we'll wait and see. If this is their big army release at the start of 40k then I really do think the boat has been missed. It also speaks volumes as to who GW really are targeting... and that's young kids.

  17. I do agree Tim, I'm not sold on the new models (yet).
    I've been collecting my Nightlords since 3rd edition and was really looking forward to the new Chaos Space Marine codex (well I still am).
    But the models don't really offer what I'm looking for in CSMs. The new style (I think someone called it warped) in itself is amazing, but just not for me. I even traded the Cultists and the Hellbrute from DV to a friend for some of the Dark Angels.
    The new Raptors are, as you say, way to busy with spikes and horns. I really like the current Raptors with the curved jump packs. At least I can now hope, to get some of these for little money on ebay.

    I think we all have to get rid of our old impression of the looks of CSMs. It appears GW is overhauling them massivly and gives them a new look: more twisted, more Deamonengines and stuff. I consider this a great thing, as you already said, they just shouldn't be simple Marines with spikes.

    Let's wait for the release and see what the overall look will be. :-)


  18. Heldrake is not a very well designed model, with a company like GW you would think they would have a top knotch creative sculptor on their hands. Get the guy who did the Chosen!