Friday, July 27, 2012

Games Day Bound, Who's With Me?

In a few minutes, I'll be out the door and on my way up to Chicago for the North American, 2012 Games Day.

Games Day has always been fun for me, for various reasons throughout the years past. Everything from the old Grand Tournaments to now actually participating in the Golden Demon competition, meeting game designers, authors and sculptors, I've always enjoyed a trip up to Chicago for a day of pure Warhammer.

This year, I'm looking forward to it for yet another reason...

The Blogosphere.

It's been just over 14 months since starting Miniature Tim, and I've gotten to know quite a lot of fellow bloggers and hobbyists though our little electronic community. So now, for me, the best part of an event like Games Day, or Adepticon even, is the chance to connect in person with anyone who's going. Putting a face with the name and being able to shake someone's hand is always fulfilling for me.

Last year I was still fairly new in the blogging community, but Skarvald and I made a point to connect and it was a great time. Hanging out with the folks from the Heroes of Armageddon project was a blast, and actually having that in-person conversation was even a bit refreshing! No waiting for comments response! Yay! See, that's what can be one of the best parts of the blogging community, and that is the potential for personal interaction when given a chance to actually meet up and have the conversations and exchanges of technique and knowledge that we all long for in this hobby. We only get better the more we share, and events like this give us the perfect excuse to drop the cash and get us all in the same room.

It's actually something I am thinking about proposing for Adepticon 2013. Getting a Roundtable of sorts together of interested bloggers to sit down and have the kind of exchange that is nearly impossible across country and continents. Share what we know with each other, and what we'd even like to see each other do...then even dive into how to do it! I know I've been stuck on a project at times, and if we could bring those thoughts and ideas to a table or room full of us, think of the possibilities!!

I don't typically ask folks to specifically respond in the comments...but if you think about it, drop a line or three below and let me know a couple things. Are you going to Games Day this year? Would you be interested in taking part in a roundtable of bloggers for Adepticon 2013?

If you're going to be there Saturday, track down the short Irishman in his Miniature Tim shirt and say hi, I d love to shake your hand.

As a quick note, my camera is already packed for my trip to Chicago, and I finished Bugman at midnight...I'll have the final painting progress post up after Games Day, and I'll picture the final figure there.

- Tim



  1. Yeah,have a nice day and tell us everything!XD

  2. Forgot to add, find out as much as you can about any Dark Angel news!

  3. Oh I'll be definitely taking tons of pictures and have a comprehensive report come Monday :)

  4. I've read your blog never posted to it thou, I will be attending gamesday Chicago, by far I'm new to blogging just started mine at mostly my flesh tearers progress but expanding to other stuff. My fidst attempt at a tutorial of sanguinary guard soon, LOL like we need another of those. But anyhow will definitely look you up at gamesday

  5. Have fun, I wish I could make it this year.

  6. I just started a blog- I hope mine goes even half as well as yours. I also wish I were coming to some of these cool events, but I've really got to get an army together first haha.

  7. It was great to see you at gamesday, Tim.