Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Miniature Tim Sculpts for Dragon Forge Designs!

Now there's an announcement I've been dying to break to all of you for some time now. A while back I contacted Dragon Forge to see if they were planning on expanding their Goth Tech line of bases, as I was contemplating buying an army's worth. Through a series of emails, I was given the chance to work with Jeff at Dragon Forge to expand that particular line of bases.

Needless to say, I jumped at the chance!

As much as I wanted to post updates and work-in-progress shots of the sculpting work, I was asked not to, and rightly so. This is, after all, Jeff's livelihood and I didn't want to betray that in any way.
I figured I'd have this type of work in the bag, considering all the custom bases I've designed in the past for my own projects. I couldn't have been farther from the truth. Why? My own nerves, to be honest. When I'm working on a project for myself, I don't need to worry about time involved, or whether or not they'll pass inspection, so-to-speak. I just do what I want to do, and it takes as long as it takes. When doing any type of commission work, however, time is as much a factor as quality of work. This set off my nervousness and I progressed much slower at the beginning than I had ever thought I would.

Eventually, though, with advice from Jeff and just getting comfortable with the materials and creativity of the product line, I sped up towards the end to a much more normal pace for myself when creating bases. While I'm happy with the quality of work I put towards this project, I wouldn't have sent them to him otherwise, I know now that I can do that quality of work at a much better pace, and plan to in the future.

Jeff was beyond a pleasure to work with, his creativity astounds and his advice was beyond helpful. Working on this line of bases with him really gave me the knowledge and confidence to push myself, and think beyond what I have in the past for what makes a base something you want to put under your figures' feet. I also know from purchasing an army's worth of bases from him for my Centurions that the work I was doing would help result in a quality product I'd be proud to say I had a hand in.

Does this sound like a bit of a commercial for Dragon Forge bases? Maybe, but no more so than when I spoke about resin bases in the past. The difference this time around is that I was able to contribute to a company I respect, and work with a gentleman I admire.

Go check out the line of bases, beyond the pictures I've posted here, at the link below and let me know what you think!

Goth Tech line of bases from Dragon Forge

- Tim


  1. Beautiful work, Tim! I've bought numerous bases from Jeff over the years, and the Goth Teck bases are a great addition to the line-up. Congrats!

  2. Nice work Tim, I buy all my bases from Jeff over at Dragon Forge. So are some very characterful additions to the line, well done I say!

  3. Thanks guys! Just to reiterate though, (JUST in case it wasn't clear enough up above) the new additions to the Goth Tech line were a team effort between Jeff and I :) I can't take full credit for the these, nor do I want to! However, I fully enjoyed the opportunity that Jeff extended me, LOVED working on them, and can't wait to get started on the next project for him :)

    I'm just glad you like em. Was one heck of a learning experience for me in many ways. I loved the Goth Tech line's anachronistic theme and am proud to have helped expand the line :)

  4. Jeff's a great guy and great products. I enjoy all the products I have bought off him over the years, and these are no exception. Beautiful work you guys did there.... Well done Tim and Jeff.

  5. Nice, cant wait to see what you got, maybe ill even put my future army on the bases...

  6. Thanks Tommy :) I'll whole-heartily agree that throwing money Jeff's way for his products is not a waste of said money considering the quality and richness of detail he puts into his work :)

    Wait wait wait.. Steve, what are you planning now???

  7. Moooohaha... let us just say, that the Emperor has given us gifts and changed us to fight better for him yes?

  8. WAIT WAIT... Steve... you.. you playing Marines?

  9. These are excellent.

    Personally, I use Omega Prime bases for my ALEPH (Infinity) models. They're really excellent, and an indispensable part of my scheme. I may have to look into these bases for some of my Space Marines, though. At this point, they're the only faction I play that isn't at least peppered with Dragon Forge bases.