Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My health apologizes...

Hey everyone!

I wanted to give a quick shout to anyone still paying attention to my little corner of our hobby world. I literally have two new posts written, and just need to edit some pictures to go along with them for some basics of sculpting tutorials and discussions. My problem? I just got out of the ICU with a severe case of pneumonia in both my lungs. I've actually been fairly sick this past month or so and well, the virus won for a bit apparently.

So everyone has my apologies for the inactivity and i hope you stick around for what I've got planned in the future.



  1. Dude, no need to apologize, your health is much more important than toy soldiers! Real life gets in the way of my hobby all the time.

    Never fear, your faithful readers understand and will be here when you return!

    Get well!


  2. Hey Tim,

    hope you beat that virus soon mate sounds like you have been falling on some hard times. Take your time we will be here when you feel well enough to come back and entertain us with some great articles.

    Gett well mate,

    Cheers CJ