Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A new, magic way to Blog

So here we are, me wanting to try and keep up with my blog, and hopefully a few of you checking back here every so often. Well, yet another week gone by without a new post, much less a pic or two of current projects. To my credit, my wife just had surgery, mother's day weekend was just this past weekend, and so on... Life's been a bit busy. That also means that the hobby has gotten zero attention this past week, and so has the blog, sadly.

However, all that should begin to change! Tim's gotten himself a new, magical way to keep up with the blog!

That's right, I got an iPad.

The good news is that I enjoy using it so far very much and it's a welcome break from being on the computer all day at work, and then not wanting to get on the computer when I get home. It's scary-simple to sync with photos and edit shots, photobucket has an app... Heck, it's just plain fun.

Long story short, keep coming back, folks. More regular posts of at least 1-2 times a week should being to come back. With actual hobby thoughts, articles and pictures!

...tell you what. Here's a topic for you... New IG and Eldar vehicles. Love? Hate? Love/Hate? Toss your thoughts up and we'll discuss :)


  1. New Leman Russ is - Meh. I don't care one way or another. New Manticore is pretty fabulous although I'm not a fan of the Deathstrike Missile.
    The all plastic Fire Prism wins the "dead Sexy" award since GW finally wizened up. I'm not a fan of the extendo-reach prism cannon but I'd rather have a model that can stand on its own base without being imbalanced by a giant metal turrent then have a cannon that looks "uber". Nightspinner looks sweet, now we just have to see if the rules make it a worthwhile addition.
    Support weapons = fail. They perform mediocrely at best on the tabletop and now that GW produces them in all plastic, and they retain a 25 dollar pricetag, they won't see any additional use. AV10 artillery (destroyed on any pierce or glance) with 2 T3 5+ Save crewmen just aren't durable enough.

  2. Screw the game stuff. I'm glad you like your over sized Ipod Touch.

  3. Lol. It's a bit more than an oversized iPod touch... But yeah, i do enjoy it, very much :). And when the heck were you ping to tell me you had a blog???