Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So I was Reading BoLS this morning...

I do that when I get into work. I grab something to drink, eat my processed chocolate-covered donuts and pop open BoLS for my morning gaming news fix. Here's how it went:

Hey, Darkwynn's got a post up...

Huh, he's retiring the Leafblower List he created, why?

Well I can see where he's coming from there... oh hey cool! He mentioned our game! Sweet! He linked my Blog!

Wait. He linked my Blog. The Blog I just finished editing photos for and haven't gotten them posted yet... OH CRAP!

So below this post, you'll find a smattering of Photos, highlighting the army and a Link to my Photobucket albums where you can peruse to your heart's content. As the week goes by, I'll highlight a unit and go through some of the conversion and painting techniques used to. And if anyone wants to chime in with questions, I'll happily put that as the priority of the next how-to or QnA post :) As it is, there's 13 images below. Yes, I'm still dialing in my lighting.

Getting back to Darkwynn's post though, (after finishing reading it) while I can understand where he's coming from, especially from the standpoint of someone who's the opposite of the hardcore tournament player, I'd hate to discourage anyone from not doing what they want with their hundreds of dollars they invest in this hobby. These are your toy soldiers, pay for them and do as you will.

Did I have fun getting crushed and tabled by turn 4 by Darkwynn? Heck yeah I did. Why? Cause He's a nice guy who did everything he could to make sure I was having fun while getting crushed. We talked, laughed, shared stories, all while I was putting my toy soldiers away and he wasn't :) Not everyone is like that though, and I applaud him for being who is and was across the table from me.

Can his list be taken down? Sure it could. How? I don't know, but I'd love to get the practice in to find out, talk tactics and see where the dice fall against it again. This is a tactical game folks, with the random element thrown in, please remember that!

Before I ramble on though, remember this is nothing else. Have fun, and make sure your opponent is having fun. Even if you are the Crusher or the Crushee. Otherwise your opponent is liable to take his toys and go home. Or at least to the next table over and play someone else.

Enjoy the photos folks :)


EDIT: Hmm... Having issues getting photos to show up. I'll explore this, but in the meantime, the photobucket link is below :)


  1. Greetings. I've wandered over here via the link on BOLS as well. I am always interested to see the goings on of anyone who games so thanks for you own thoughts on the subject.

    Regarding WAAC lists and playing, it is a topic of discussion in my little group and generally tehy guys I play with are only intersted in social 40k games for that exact reason. It is to the point that the manager of the shop we go to is considereing scoring tournaments without any component for the results. A bit of a suprise probably and totally counter intuitive to what a tournament is about.

    But stop and think. The entire basis of Darkwynn's discussion is about enjoying the experience. By taking out the game results perhaps you reduce the competitve rush that a lot of people play for. Maybe. It would have to be tested to see.

    A tournaments scores then are based on the less tangible aspects. Quality of the painting of the army, sportsmanship and perhaps even how balanced and army is. (Imagine that.) Of course fair and unbiased scoring of these is A LOT harder than objectives and kill points, and therein lies the challenge.

    But ultimately what this is trying to achieve is a return to enjoyable gaming to an environment that can sometimes be anything but.

  2. See, I guess I'm still riding that line of thinking that a tournament, or even just a normal gaming, scene can be competitive, with competitive lists. We don't need to swing the pendulum the other way and get rid of a want to win at a game either.

    Hmm... you've given me quite a bit to respond and write about, look for the rest in a new post ;)